GPS/GNSS Simulation with Real-Time Trajectories

GPS/GNSS Simulation with Real-Time Trajectories

GPS Integrated into Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Testing

The capability of "real-time trajectories" is critical for tight coupling of GPS/GNSS RF generation into any integrated simulation test system that includes position-awareness. Orolia's GSG series GNSS simulators can be configured to accept fixed latency streaming of 6 degrees-of-freedom trajectory information via position, velocity, acceleration, or heading commands. The simulator generates GPS/GNSS radio signals corresponding to those dynamic conditions to fully test the "hardware-in-the-loop".

Real-time trajectories allow for the complete characterization of the system's ability to successfully achieve and maintain all position and navigation information under any condition.

Real-Time Scenario Generation Option

The Real-time Scenario Generation (RSG™) option is a software license installed on a GSG-5 or -6 series GPS/GNSS simulator with a minimum of a 16 output channels. The RSG option allows the input of trajectory data from external devices or software via commands which support setting position, velocity, acceleration, orientation, or heading independently. Satellite power levels are also controllable. This allows for external control of all or some of these parameters depending on your simulation needs or capabilities.

  • Integrated INS+GNSS Receiver testing
  • Control Trajectories using 6DOF
  • Easy integration for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing
  • Low fixed latency from command input to RF output; low jitter
  • Allows for unlimited trajectory length
  • Works with GSG StudioView™ Software



The RSG option takes advantage of the NI VISA driver and SCPI protocol to allow data to be streamed in from numerous sources including external software programs and GSG StudioView™ software. This approach allows the flexibility to choose the most convenient of either standard interfaces provided on the GSG Series Simulators, USB or Ethernet. USB is preferred.

Hardware-in-the-loop Integration

The GSG Simulator with the RSG option is easily integrated into a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) test system. The simulator will provide feedback for underflow and overflow conditions to easily allow error detection. The fixed latency allows for easy system wide compensation.

Enhanced Trajectory Capability

The RSG option expands on the powerful trajectory options for the GSG Series Simulators. This option allows trajectories of unlimited duration to be streamed into the simulator making the file size limitation for trajectories inapplicable. Trajectories are now also specified in this new format that makes creation of high dynamic trajectories simple and convenient.

GPS Simulator Model Compatibility

The Real-time Scenario Generation Option works with any GSG series simulator with 16 channels or more:

  • The GSG-5 Series Multi-Channel GPS/GNSS Simulator with Opt-8 + Opt-16 (GSG-54, GSG-55, or GSG-56 bundles)
  • Any GSG-6 Series Multi-Channel and Multi-Frequency GPS/GNSS Simulator (GSG-62, GSG-63, or GSG-64)



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Navigation warfare (NAVWAR) is an increasing area of focus for military missions, and it includes a wide range of Electronic Warfare strategies. One of the fastest-growing threats worldwide is GPS/GNSS signal jamming and spoofing. 
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Friday, October 11, 2019
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The world’s most GPS/GNSS reliant systems trust Orolia for mission assurance when failure is not an option.
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Option to use an external trajectory/motion simulator to generate corresponding GPS/GNSS RF signals.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014
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