GPS Testing with a Virtual Reference Station

GPS Testing with a Virtual Reference Station

Option Provides RTCM Message Output

Differential GPS/GNSS (D-GPS or D-GNSS) is a technique to improve location accuracy of a receiver to centimeter levels by using data from a nearby reference station. The reference station is a surveyed location that calculates the offset from the satellite signals' calculation and the actual position. The Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services (RTCM) provides the correction message from the reference station. This differential technique is also used in real-time kinematic (RTK) navigation systems.

RTK-DGNSS Data Generation Option

The RTK/DGNSS Virtual Reference Station option (OPT-RTK) for any GSG-6 Series simulator supports streaming of RTCM correction data messages to a RTK/DGNSS receiver. Correction data is provided in real-time in the form of RTCM 3.x messages.

  • Generates RTCM 3.x correction data
  • User settable base station location
  • Support for GNSS RTK receivers using serial or Ethernet interfaces
  • Option includes GSG StudioView™ software

Product Details

RTCM Correction Data Distribution

The RTK/DGNSS Virtual Reference Station option takes advantage of the NI VISA driver and SCPI protocol to allow RTCM messages to be read from the GSG as the scenario is running. Distribution to the GNSS receivers under test is performed externally by a custom user software application. This approach allows the flexibility to choose the most convenient of the three standard interfaces provided on the GSG-6 Series simulators, GPIB, USB, or Ethernet, to retrieve the RTCM data.

The RTCM correction data read from the GSG by a custom software program can be provided over a serial interface, or by Ethernet socket. RTCM correction data can be provided directly to a GNSS receiver or to an NTRIP 2.0 Server/Castor. RTCM data can be streamed from an NTRIP Caster for distribution to one or more NTRIP clients embedded in or connected to DGNSS RTK receivers.

RTK DGNSS Receiver Testing

The RTK/DGNSS Virtual Reference Station option allows stationary or mobile testing of DGNSS RTK GNSS receivers using the powerful scenario trajectory options for the GSG-6 Series simulators. If used with the Real-Time Scenario Generation (RSG™) option, real-time user or machine driven Hardware-in-the-loop can be performed on systems using DGNSS RTK receivers.



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