Testing GPS Time Transfer

Testing GPS Time Transfer

Orolia's GSG GPS/GNSS simulator is the most precise available for high performance time transfer testing and calibration.

Standard off-the-shelf units offer better than 10 nanosecond offset between the RF on-time point and the 1PPS output. What's more, we offer a timing calibration service to characterize the offset within 1 nanosecond with 0.35 nSec uncertainty.

Repeatable Results

For the highest performance measurements, we offer a service to accurately measure the offset between the on-time point in the RF signal, and the 1PPS output.

Since these offsets and known and repeatable across power cycles, the simulator can be used to measure and calibrate GPS time transfer systems.

GPS Simulator Model Compatibility

The Simulation Calibration Service is available on the Spectracom GSG-64 64-channel simulator that offers the generation of 4 simultaneous frequencies and as many GNSS constellations and codes as configured.

Results of recent work showed a high degree of repeatibility of the delay in the GSG-6 series simulator across a wide range of GPS and Galileo codes and frequencies. They were the most consistent among two other simulators and is the now the basis for the GNSS and clock reference for an entire calibration program.

Std dev of repeatibility in nSec

L1: 0.27
L2C: 0.83
L5: 0.21
E1: 0.24
E5a: 0.22
E5b: 0.18

From “Progress on absolute calibration of GNSS reception chains at CNES”, J. Delporte, D. Valat, T. Junique, FX Marmet, Proc. IEEE IFCS 2016, New Orleans

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