VersaPNT Interference Detection Suite

VersaPNT Interference Detection Suite

  • VersaPNT with IDM Suite
  • VersaPNT in hand

Mobile Resilient PNT Hub with GPS/GNSS Interference, Detection and Mitigation Support

Orolia’s VersaPNT with IDM Suite serves as a resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) hub, sensor fusion aggregator, and GNSS jamming/spoofing detector – all in a single compact solution that is rugged, flexible, configurable, and scalable.

VersaPNT with IDM Suite can help ensure continuous, accurate operations for your mobile GNSS and PNT reliant systems in GNSS-disrupted environments.

It fuses GNSS, inertial measurement and high-performance timing oscillators, plus CRPA/AJAS antenna compatibility, with built-in threat detection and optional mitigation support to provide reliable, trusted PNT and GNSS data in threat environments.

Assured Operations, Even in GPS-Denied Environments

  • Serves as a navigation system, master clock and network time server for mobile applications in harsh environments
  • FlexFusion® sensor fusion engine combines complementary PNT signals to deliver superior PNT accuracy with low SWaP
  • Built-in software package of anti-jamming and spoofing algorithms to detect anomalies in the GNSS signal, including unintentional interference and malicious attacks
  • Automatically notifies, alarms and disables GNSS synchronization and switches to backup synchronization, optional mitigation measures or holdover if GNSS inference is detected
  • Provides real-time situational awareness
  • Ready for integration into virtually any ground, air or naval platform
  • Offers COTS convenience and savings, customized to your specific requirements.


Orolia’s VersaSync with IDM Suite is a low SWAP, high-performance Mission Timing and Synchronization device featuring a GNSS master clock and a military network time server.
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