PRISMA Compliance

Fully compatible with Microsoft® Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019

PRISMA Compliance is the first and only software solution that provides true UTC traceability and real-time reporting to comply with MiFID II and FINRA requirements. With PRISMA Compliance, you’ll gather, analyze and report on all the elements in your timing network in real time, and provide the necessary reports to comply with internal requirements and external regulations.

It uses a scalable, low latency time series database by QuasarDB so you can collect and interact with your data in real time. It is NTP/PTP compatible, supports multisite replication and is easy to deploy on virtually any network.

  • Real-time reporting
  • True UTC traceability
  • NTP/PTP compatibility
  • Multisite replication for resilience

Designed specifically for MiFID and FINRA compliance

PRISMA Compliance is unique in that it was built from the bottom up, using a highly scalable, low latency, time series database by QuasarDB that allows you to collect and interact with your data in real time.

PRISMA compliance report screen shot

Generate real-time reports in seconds, not hours

  • Consolidated statistics -- Mean, Standard Deviation, Max
  • Adjustable periods – Year, Month, Day, and more
  • Client traceability – Complete trace from selected client to UTC source
  • Data gaps – Missing data reporting

True offset to UTC

PRISMA Compliance collects and aggregates all the relevant information in your timing chain to give you the true offset to UTC. This capability is key, because both MiFID and FINRA regulations require full traceability to UTC.

Easy to deploy on virtually any network

PRISMA Compliance is a drop-in timing compliance solution that’s fully compatible with all common versions of NTP and PTP. This makes it easy to use in any timing network, whether it’s an older legacy NTP network or a new, low latency PTP deployment.

Multisite replication for extra resiliency

Both US and European regulations require you to store all relevant logs from reportable events for at least five years and be able to provide those details when requested. PRISMA Compliance supports multisite replication so you can store your logs on more than one server.

How Does PRISMA Compliance Work?

  • Transmitters on nodes (masters and clients) send data to the compliance server(s)
    • Transmission can be scheduled during off-hours or throughout the day
  • Compliance server(s) collect data and store within the high-performance database
  • Database replication automatically occurs between compliance servers
  • Reports are generated from local application on compliance server(s) or through APIs

Server Requirements

Hardware Minimum Typical
CPU Nehalem microarchitecture (after 2008), 2 cores Nehalem microarchitecture (after 2008), 4 cores
HDD 10 GB + Space required per node* + 20 % 10 GB + Space required per node* + 30 %

*Space required per node = (Total size of data in cluster * Replication factor)/Number of nodes If a client has a single source with one record per second, then it would require 3GB to store one year’s worth of data.

  • Size of Client Data in Cluster = 3GB * Records per second * Years * Sources amount
  • Total Size of Data in Cluster = SUM (Size of Client Data in Cluster)
PRISMA compliance system diagram


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