QuasarDB Time Series Database



From data collection to intelligence

Problem: The time that it takes to transform data into intelligence is getting exponentially larger as companies struggle to find the time and resources to manage increasingly larger data sets. Projects get dragged and delayed as data engineering problems arise.

Solution: QuasarDB

What Is QuasarDB?

QuasarDB is a complete data to intelligence solution that solves capture, indexing, compression, transformation and restitution challenges for data analysis.

QuasarDB is ideal for these data applications:

  • Sensor fusion
  • Financial data storage
  • Data analysis
  • Any environment where seamless data management with high performance and easy access is needed

QuasarDB Benefits

  • Deploy a complete solution from capture to insights and deliver data intelligence in weeks, not months
  • The only seamless edge to cloud solution, with components that can be deployed to do pre-processing on the edge
  • The end of the ETL nightmare: QuasarDB normalizes data at the capture level, and ensures every user has a uniform view
  • Handle large volumes of data faster than anyone else
  • Cost effective storage based on patent-pending compression technology
  • Work on your data using industry-standard interfaces such as SQL or Python
  • Can run onsite or be fully managed by QuasarDB in the cloud