Guide to Miniature Atomic Clocks for Radar and Wireless Applications


Learn more about Orolia's latest low SWaP-C Miniature Rubidium Oscillator.


SecureSync Precision Time Server


First introduction of the Spectratime mRO-50 by John Fischer, VP of Advanced R&D at Orolia.


Specifically designed to meet core requirements for military airborne, ground, and mobile radio communications applications.

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Sophie Zangs joined Orolia in 2018 to promote the company’s leadership in Resilient PNT to aerospace, defense, and government customers on EMEA territories. She also leads global marketing initiatives for Orolia’s Aviation department, the Orolia System and Solutions office (O2S) in Paris as well as Atomic Clock & Oscillators portfolio. Prior to joining Orolia, she specialized in Corporate Marketing for several brokerage companies as Project Manager. She holds a degree in Marketing & Negotiation from ISIFA Business School in Paris.

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