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By Orolia
Learn more about the features and advantages of STL, a powerful satellite-based time and location service offered by Orolia.
By Jeremy Onyan, Director of Time Sensitive Networks
As e-commerce continues to grow, so does the threat from hackers and cyber criminals, who are constantly looking for ways to exploit systems to gain access to customer data. To help combat this threat, and ensure systems are protected against attacks, the major credit card vendors have established the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
By Lisa Perdue, Product Manager

If you have critical infrastructure that demands the highest level of protection, you’re a candidate for an STL-based system.

By Lisa Perdue, Product Manager

STL is a new satellite-based GNSS augmentation system: Originating from the Iridium® constellation of 66 low-earth-orbiting satellites, STL is 1,000 times stronger than GPS/GNSS, reaching deep into buildings and preventing GPS/GNSS jamming without the aid of local infrastructure. STL signals are further protected by cryptographic security features that are much more difficult to misdirect or “spoof.”