By Jon Sinden, Product Manager, Mobile Mission Systems
When considering GNSS security, maintaining the integrity of the signal provides protection against spoof attack that aim to fool the receiver’s perception location and time.
By Sheri Ascencio, Senior Director, Global Government Marketing
Learn more about about Resilient PNT, how it applies to defense and what current solutions exist to ensure the integrity of and access to PNT data.
By Orolia
Learn more about the features and advantages of STL, a powerful satellite-based time and location service offered by Orolia.
By Jon Sinden, Product Manager, Mobile Mission Systems
Cybersecurity is a popular topic in the news today, but Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) security does not get the same attention. But like cyberattacks, attacks against GPS or other global navigation satellite system (GNSS) systems can have profound and damaging effects on critical infrastructure, financial institutions, and military capabilities.
By Rohit Braggs, Vice President, Networks and Sources

For military personnel, keeping sight of the enemy can mean the difference between life and death. Military leaders frequently emphasize their need for reliable and accurate positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) systems. Accurate PNT is critical for their communications, sensors, network systems, and search and rescue missions.