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By Lisa Perdue, Product Manager
The development of autonomous vehicles for road, rail and water demands a comprehensive and repeatable test plan for GNSS. This white paper discusses and outlines testing methods for GNSS performance and vulnerabilities.
By Lisa Perdue, Product Manager

When it is time to test your device with an embedded GNSS receiver, there are several test methods. You can use the live sky signal, a record and playback device or a GNSS simulator.  However, when it is time to test your GNSS equipment designed to operate in space, live sky signal and record and playback are typically not options. You need a GNSS simulator. And not just any simulator: You need one designed to test GNSS receivers used in space-based applications.

By Frederic Silva, Global Business Development Director, Intelligent Transport Systems

Today, GPS position capabilities are commonly integrated into vehicles by many major automotive manufacturers and suppliers, along with other signals like radio, TV, Bluetooth, Wifi, and GPS. All these systems need to be thoroughly tested by suppliers and integrated into cars during multiple phases by R&D, Validation and Production.