By Edouard Alligand, CEO, quasarDB
Becoming fully compliant with regulations like MiFID and FINRA involves more than simply installing the equipment to time-synch your data. There are three other key areas to pay attention to, all of which require confidence in the underlying database that your software relies upon.
By Terry Roche

New regulations from MiFID II in Europe to the Consolidated Audit Trail in the US mandate that reportable events must be timestamped to much more accurate levels than ever before.

By Jeremy Onyan, Director of Time Sensitive Networks

MiFID II RTS 25 compliance began in January 2018. To help meet the Clock Sync requirements, use this handy checklist to make sure that you’re aware of the key considerations, your timing chain is ready and you’re able to comply.

By Jeremy Onyan, Director of Time Sensitive Networks
Because financial trades today are executed faster than a human can blink and the volume is overwhelming, monitoring everything in real time is virtually impossible.  MiFID is a widely encompassing set of regulations aimed at thwarting financial market abuse, and it includes important requirements for maintaining highly accurate timestamps.