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US Navy Chooses SecureSync to Meet Rugged Low Phase Noise Requirements for Missile Defense Radar




Orolia was asked to provide the United States Navy with a very specific and precise Assured Timing system for a critical air and missile defense radar platform. This advanced timing system had to be extremely rugged to withstand the shock and vibration of the harsh environment of a ship. It had to not only withstand this harsh environment, but also output very accurate timing signals as well. In addition, both the hardware and software had to offer Open Architecture (OA) Compliance for performance and technology enhancements throughout the life of the program.


Orolia was able to meet all the above low phase noise and ruggedization requirements through simple modifications to our flagship COTS SecureSync® time and reference platform − while meeting or exceeding all scheduled program timelines. The SecureSync platform is particularly well-suited for radar applications like this because it is highly flexible, scalable and easy to modify.


Orolia now provides the DoD with a ruggedized resilient PNT system that works within a harsh environment and ensures that they have an accurate, precise missile defense system. Powered by SecureSync, the US Navy’s missile defense system can operate in different environments and mission regimes using a scalable radar design, with improvements in power, sensitivity and resistance to natural and man-made threats.

To discover how Orolia can help you meet or exceed low phase noise requirements, ruggedize a resilient PNT solution, modify our COTS solutions quickly to meet program schedules, and stay within budget, contact: Sales@orolia.com


Orolia's SecureSync time and frequency reference system synchronizes critical military and commercial operations where failure is not an option.

SecureSync Precision Time Server


Orolia’s Assured PNT solutions provide secure, reliable PNT information and services for any naval mission, whether in the air, land, or sea.


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