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Report Estimates 5.2 Billion Loss if 5-Days of GNSS Disruption

This report, from Innovate UK and commissioned by the UK Space Agency and the Royal Institute of Navigation. researches and assesses the impact of a 5-day loss of the Global Navigation Satellite Systems on the UK economy.

Like all modern economies, much of everyday life in the UK is reliant on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). It is sometimes called the invisible utility.

GNSS provide signals from satellites orbiting in space to give us accurate information on positioning, navigation and timing. These systems have a large range of uses but, until now, the economic benefits haven’t always been well understood. It is not clear what the economic impact of a GNSS outage would be on the UK.

This report estimates the loss to the UK economy at £5.2 billion if GNSS were unavailable for 5 days.