dSPACE Announces Interface Blockset for GPS Simulators

dSPACE integrates with Spectracom GNSS signal generators to test predictive driver assistance systems and similar position-sensitive applications.

GNSS Signal Generation in HIL Simulation

Predictive driver assistance systems require navigation satellite-supported capturing of the vehicle position. To ensure the robustness of these systems in every-day operation, it must be possible to test different satellite constellations and scenarios such as dense urban areas, tunnels, and adverse weather conditions. dSPACE now offers a Simulink blockset that lets developers connect Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signal generators from Spectracom to dSPACE hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulators. Once the signal generators are integrated in the simulation environment and connected to the dSPACE Automotive Simulation Models (ASM), the blockset selects predefined GNSS scenarios and controls the signal generators.