dSPACE Integrates Spectracom’s GPS Simulator for US DOT/NHTSA

Solution combines real-time testing of vehicle electronics using GPS data in a virtual environment to reduce track testing time

Spectracom and dSPACE, Inc. have teamed to supply an in-lab GPS simulation system for the US National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration’s vehicle research and test center.

The combination of dSPACE’s hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation system and Spectracom’s GPS RF generator will enable real-time testing of vehicle systems using GPS data for location-aware vehicle Electronic Control Units (ECUs). This solution enables validation and verification of system functionality quickly and easily in a virtual setting.

Using dSPACE automotive simulation models, the entire vehicle dynamics of a moving vehicle and environment, including traffic, road conditions, and weather conditions, are simulated. Through the sensor and actuator interface for wheel speeds, steering angles, inertial measurements, yaw rates, lateral and longitudinal accelerations and CAN communication, the HIL test system ensures that the simulated vehicle, with the system under test, is driving in real-world conditions. In parallel, actual GPS signals are generated corresponding to the simulated vehicle test drives. Using this technology, an unlimited set of user-defined test drive conditions can be created in the safety of the lab environment to verify critical functionality provided by the ECUs.

This capability will be on display at the following conferences this month: