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> SecureSync 2400 QuickStart Guide

> SecureSync 2400 Online Manual

> Option Card Installation Guide

> SecureSync 2400 User Reference Guide

> Support Documents


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Support Tutorials


Q: What is my username and password?

A: Your username and password are in your Online User Manual and the Quick Start Guide that came with your product. The unit comes with the default login info assigned, and you can change it to your own, secure information from there.

Q: How can I be notified of software updates becoming available for my product?

A: To register your contact/product info to receive automatic notifications of software, please visit:

Register My Product

Q: Where can I find operational information for my SecureSync?

A: We have interactive online manuals, datasheets, and infographics available in our Support Knowledge Base. Use the filters on this page to curate your experience. These guides contain the most up-to-date info and are constantly searched using key words.

We also have Case Studies, White Papers, and more for each of our product lines available in our Resources section.

At the top of this page, we’ve also created a number of Support Tutorial videos to help you with your product., and tutorial videos available to assist you.

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What if I need assistance troubleshooting GNSS Reception issues using the web interface?

We’ve created a form to walk you through the different steps of troubleshooting GNSS Reception issues using the web interface.

Troubleshoot Now
Do you have resources for walking users through specific scenarios?

We have prepared a number of Support Resources for our users. We have Support Tutorial Videos in the section up above, and we have Technical Notes, Tutorials, and more in our Support Documents section that you can filter to narrow your results.

Q: What if my question isn’t listed above?

We’re sorry to hear that! What was your question?

Knowledge & Resources



This feature is used for special applications that require a once-per-second NMEA UDP message to be sent out by the system via multicast.

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High Accuracy Timing For Defense Applications

High Accuracy Timing For Defense Applications

Get highly accurate time and frequency synchronization – ensuring continuity of mission-critical sensor, communication and radar systems.

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Why Orolia Asks You About Product End Users and End Uses

Why Orolia Asks You About Product End Users and End Uses

You’ve discovered the ideal Orolia product for your requirements, so you place an order. But wait – what’s this “end user form” that Orolia is…

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This white paper discusses options for deploying a range of interlocking and overlapping solutions. In this multilayered vision, existing and…

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