Aviation Solutions

Orolia’s Aviation Solutions

Orolia supplies fixed and portable ELTs to the aviation industry (Commercial Aviation, General, and Rotary Aviation) for decades to become the world’s leading distress beacon manufacturer trusted by more than thirty OEMs as well as hundreds of airlines. 

Orolia’s product range also includes a large variety of accessories helping operators comply with their safety requirements through a complete solution.

Commercial Aviation Interactive Operational View

  • Search and Rescue Locator Beacons (ELTs)
  • Satellite Communications
  • Rescue Communications
  • Data Management/Analytics
  • Search and Rescue Infrastructure
    • Satellite Ground Stations/Local User Terminals
    • Mission Control Centers
    • Rescue Coordination Centers
Commercial Airliner

Commercial Aviation
(Aircraft, Airlines)

Two new standards requiring the adoption of new technologies, related to both fixed and cabin ELTs have recently been set by regulators such as the EASA, FAA, CAAC, ICAO and others:

General Aviation
(Leisure Aircraft, Business Jets)

Aircraft Manufacturers and private pilots can rely on Orolia’s comprehensive range of solutions for their safety needs, including ELT and PLB.

Airplane in Flight


Orolia is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to designing specific ELT models for rotary wings aircraft.

Orolia, lauréate de l’appel à projet du programme France Relance

La filière aéronautique d'Orolia bénéficiera des fonds de soutien de l’Etat Français dédiés à la modernisation et la diversification.

Orolia is shaping the future of aviation by offering a wide selection of search and rescue solutions compliant to latest standards for a variety of military and commercial aviation missions.
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