Space Programs

Space Programs

Orolia is a world leader in high-end crystal, rubidium, maser and integrated GPS or GNSS clocks and related testing instrument technologies for space missions that rely on high precision atomic clock technology.

Through our Spectratime brand, Orolia is the primary provider of atomic clocks for the Galileo GNSS satellite system and many other high precision timing initiatives in space. Spectratime designs, manufactures and markets a full range of high-performance, low-cost crystal, rubidium and maser sources, smart integrated GPS or GNSS reference clocks, and clock testing systems. These products are used in a wide variety of applications, including telecommunications, defense, navigation, instruments, broadcasting, and space.

Space Applications

Orolia provides a broad range of smart, low-cost, lightweight, high reliability clock and test products for next generation space systems, including:

  • GPS/GNSS satellite master clock references
  • GPS/GNSS satellite navigational systems
  • Clock ADEV stability analyzers
  • Frequency synthesizers for GPS/GNSS ground monitoring systems

Frequency Source Interactive Operational View

Orolia supports critical space programs through our Frequency Sources and Resilient PNT solutions. With decades of experience in space applications, we offer secure, reliable, and accurate PNT services- when failure is not an option.

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