Critical Infrastructure Overview

Orolia provides virtually fail-safe positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) solutions to develop and protect critical infrastructure in a variety of applications, such as:

  • Communications: Precise time and frequency optimize bandwidth and reliability
  • Mobile: Tightly coupled positioning and navigation functions in any location
  • Power and Critical Utilities: Rely on time measurements in their delivery systems
  • Financial Services/Banking: Timing is involved in every transaction from ATM to automated trade
  • Transportation: Enhanced safety for manned, semi-autonomous and unmanned transportation systems
  • Cyber Security: Reliable data access and accurate timestamps of network activity

Talk To a Technical Expert


This Orolia Tech Brief explores the basic steps for maintaining security using a network-connected time server and looks at different ways to achieve resiliency in PNT. As an example, we will start with our SecureSync® Time Server product line to demonstrate how to maintain security with this network-connected device.
pdf - 351 KB—  February 22, 2019