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Between new regulations and a constantly changing competitive landscape, the need for precision time in the Financial Services Industry has never been greater. We understand that meeting internal requirements and external regulations isn't always easy. At Orolia, we have the solutions to simplify your challenges and ensure that your timing chain is fully compliant. Contact us today.

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Orolia and NexGen Launch Time as a Service Partnership

Orolia and NexGen Networks announced today the signing of a strategic partnership to increase the security and reliability of financial trading systems and other critical networks that rely on extremely accurate timing.

MiFID II and FINRA Compliance

New timestamping regulations are now in effect in the US and EU. But are you ready? The following documents will help you better understand those regulations, how they apply to your organization and provide guidance for ensuring both internal and external compliance.

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Velasync™ 1232

NTP & PTP server/grandmaster appliance offers multiple 1GbE (RJ-45), 10GbE (SFP+), and 40GbE (QSFP) network ports.

SecureSync PTP GrandMaster

SecureSync PTP GrandMaster

PTP Grandmaster Clock system supports Precision Time Protocol Version 2 (PTP v2) and provides a scalable configuration to handle network expansion.

Jamming and Spoofing

Jamming and spoofing are becoming common threats for networks that rely upon GPS or other GNSS signals. Fortunately, with the introduction of BroadShield and our new anti-jam antenna, there are finally solutions for detecting and mitigating these threats for use outside of the military. When you can’t afford to risk an attack on your critical infrastructure, our resilient PNT solutions are your answer.

Adding Resilience and Trust to GPS/GNSS

With an encrypted signal 1000x stronger than GNSS, STL Satellite Time & Location is an ideal solution for augmenting GPS or other GNSS signals to provide true resiliency to your network. And since it’s capable of working in most indoor environments where other GNSS signals can’t be reached, it also serves as the perfect standalone reference for those who want to “cut the cord,” or when roof access isn’t an option.

The Right Time Server For the Job

Simplify Your Large Deployments With NTP over AnyCast

Using NTP over AnyCast allows you to manage thousands of clients through a single, virtual IP address, removing the logistics involved with deploying and managing Enterprise scale networks

For Financial customers, Orolia offers two different platforms – the SecureSync and the VelaSync.

SecureSync is a modular timeserver and is ideal for applications where more than just time of day is needed. With its modular design, SecureSync is capable of being fitted with a variety of I/O modules which allows you to customize it to your exact requirements. These modules include a high capacity PTP Master or Slave, NTP, 1PPS in / out, IRIG, STL, and more – up to 6 in total – all from the same 1RU box. And since the modules are field upgradeable, you can add or remove them as your requirements change.

VelaSync 1232 was designed with HFT in mind. Providing up to 4x 10G ports, and 3x 1G ports, all capable of providing PTP and NTP simultaneously, VelaSync is ready for high performance environments.

Testing and certification

Looking for peace of mind? Not sure how to satisfy your compliance officer’s questions about the readiness of your timing infrastructure? Orolia can help. We have the knowledge and tools to test your timing network and provide accurate reports about its performance and ensure its running at optimal levels.

PNT Consulting & Testing Services

Orolia offers nearly half a century of expertise in designing and implementing resilient positioning, navigation and timing solutions. We’ll guide you through your timing project and help meet your objectives on time and within budget.

Premium Support Service

Time is a critical component to your network. Downtime is not an option. It’s with this in mind that Orolia developed Premium Service Plans to provide 24/7 support, advanced replacement services, and onsite services unparalleled in the Timing Industry.

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