Precision Timing Resources

Process Control Resource Center

For process automation engineers and system integrators, the need for precision time in manufacturing has never been greater. As your applications become more and more complex, it is critical to synchronize operations.

At Orolia, we offer reliable, scalable solutions for process control that couple GPS/GNSS receivers with a precision local oscillator for deployment of network time protocol (NTP), precision time protocol (PTP), and other time sync standards in off-the-shelf configurations, custom configurations, and integrations with technology partners. Use these helpful resources to simplify your challenges or contact us today.

Precision Timing Resources

Jamming and spoofing are all-to-common threats for networks that rely upon GPS or GNSS signals.

Fortunately, Orolia has solutions to detect and mitigate these threats. When you can’t afford to risk an attack on your infrastructure, our resilient PNT solutions are your answer.

Product: Anti-Jam Antenna

Product: SecureSync IDM Suite

Adding Resilience and Trust to GPS/GNSS

With an encrypted signal 1000x stronger than GNSS, STL Satellite Time & Location is an ideal solution to augment GPS/GNSS signals to provide true resiliency to your network. It works indoors where other GNSS signals can't reach. It’s the perfect standalone reference when you want to “cut the cord” or when roof access isn’t an option.

Product: Satellite Time and Location Option

Article: Do You Need STL?

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