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Security and access control systems are part of our daily lives, but we seldom give much thought to their complexity and all the individual components that comprise them: security cameras, DVRs, card readers, management software to control it all … the list goes on.

One component that is crucial but often overlooked is a time server.

A time server is the common reference for all elements in a security or access control system. A time server synchronizes everything on the network and delivers Legally Traceable Time®, which is critical for using video or data logs as evidence in a court of law.

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When It Has to Be Legally Traceable, You Need a Time Server

What kinds of systems need time synchronization?

  • Point of sale systems
  • E-commerce and online banking systems
  • Business financial and payment systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Access logs
  • Cashier drawers
  • Alarm logs
  • Any application where theft, civil litigation or life safety is of concern

A difference of even a minute or two can render all your evidence inadmissible and get it thrown out of court.

“If business, organization or human life depends on having correct time or can be harmed by it being wrong, you shouldn’t ‘just get it off the internet.”

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White Paper

Traceability ofTime White Paper

The Traceability of Time Synchronization: Why Internet Time Isn’t Good Enough

By Denis Reilly, Technical Lead Engineer
Network experts already know that distributing the correct time is key to maintaining their critical infrastructure programs. However, keeping accurate time is also fundamental to many cybersecurity applications. Over the last few years, there has been significant research into ways that the NTP protocol can be secured from malicious attackers.

Not All GNSS-Based Time Servers Are Created Equal

GNSS itself has some vulnerabilities. Jamming and spoofing are two different ways that bad actors can attack GNSS systems.

GNSS jamming is when an interference signal is deliberately broadcast to drown out the GNSS signal, causing the reference to be lost.

GNSS spoofing is the act of broadcasting a fake GNSS signal to trick receivers into thinking they are in a different location. For example, if a building had automatic locks on a timer and a bad actor changed the time, he could unlock those doors.

As security and access control systems become more complex, the risk of vulnerability increases exponentially. That makes time synchronization even more critical.

Why an Orolia Time Server?

Orolia time servers provide Legally Traceable Time®, which means you can validate the time in your system or the time stamps on your video by tracing them directly back to a recognized, official time source.

Orolia time servers have internal oscillators to maintain accurate time for many days or weeks. What is more, Orolia also offers solutions to alert you to jamming or spoofing and mitigate the problem before it gets out of hand.

Orolia has the solutions, services and track record to help ensure that your security and access control systems are protected, synchronized, resilient, and legally traceable. Contact us today to learn more.