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What is Assured PNT?

Assured positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) is the convergence of PNT technology with non-traditional and emerging technology to improve the reliability, performance and safety of mission-critical applications in the air, on land and in the sea. Orolia’s Assured PNT Defense Platform is an innovative turnkey solution to the threats and vulnerabilities of GPS/GNSS, ensuring military forces the continuity of trusted PNT data needed for mission success.

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Ground Forces Interactive Operational View

Orolia offers a wide variety of defense solutions for ground forces through Mission Timing & Synchronization, GNSS Testing & Simulation, and Interference Detection & Mitigation. We ensure Resilient PNT and military signal data, even in GPS/GNSS denied environments.

Naval Interactive Operational View

Orolia delivers a modular, scalable system with flexible design to integrate internal and external IMUs, internal clocks and other PNT sources for Mounted Resilient PNT. The system is GPS SAASM ready with a defined path for M-Code and Galileo PRS. The flexibility of configuring inputs and outputs offers a unique and affordable advantage to meeting a broad range of PNT requirements.

Assured PNT: Mitigate the Threat

Today’s military forces rely on continuous and accurate Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) signals to make timely and effective decisions, even in GPS denied environments. As GPS and other GNSS signals become ubiquitous in defense operations, threats to the availability and integrity of these signals are growing.

Threats to GPS affect numerous defense systems, all of which rely on trusted GPS/GNSS for PNT. Whether from unintentional interference, or intentional jamming and spoofing, the need for continuous, trusted PNT data has prompted military forces to detect and mitigate these battlefield threats.

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The Orolia PNT Advantage

From dismounted warfighters to vehicles, military systems and command and control centers, Orolia’s PNT technology ensures that armed forces have the situational awareness data needed for rapid, informed decision-making in all conditions.

Our elite team of former military leaders, technology innovators and renowned engineers continues to lead the way forward for defense readiness and resiliency in the face of growing threats to GNSS signals. PNT is the core of what we do at Orolia, with a comprehensive end-to-end suite of Assured PNT solutions trusted for continuity of operations, even in GPS-denied environments. Our proven history of Assured PNT has ensured mission success and saved lives in over 100 countries for more than 70 years.

Orolia assured PNT infrastructure

For over 50 years, Orolia has been supplying Resilient Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions across multiple mission critical programs for defense and federal government. As a global leader in PNT technologies, we understand the need to maintain continuous operations in harsh and contested environments, and we are committed to ensuring that military forces have precise, reliable and rugged PNT solutions.
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