Time & Frequency References & Systems

Defense Networks & Infrastructure

While the reliability, integrity and security of any network or infrastructure program is critical, the advanced technology and rugged equipment requirements for defense programs are some of the most complex and critical technical challenges worldwide. Orolia offers a variety of Assured PNT solutions for defense networks and infrastructure, to suit any operating environment.

Time & Frequency References & Systems

Fail-safe positioning, navigation and timing solutions are needed for the development and protection of critical infrastructures in a variety of applications:

  • Communications: Precise time and frequency optimize bandwidth and reliability
  • Mobile: Tightly coupled positioning and navigation functions in any location
  • Power and Critical Utilities: Rely on time measurements in their delivery systems
  • Financial Services/Banking: Timing involved in every transaction from ATM to automated trade
  • Transportation:  Enhanced safety for manned, semi-autonomy and unmanned systems
  • Cyber Security:  Enabled through accurate timestamps of network activity 

Time Servers

Atomic Clocks & Oscillators