Precision Timing Solutions for Financial Services

The Challenge

Between new regulations and a constantly changing competitive landscape, the need for precision time in the Financial Services Industry has never been greater than it is today. However, fulfilling timing needs to meet internal requirements and external regulations isn't always easy. Fortunately, at Spectracom, we have the knowledge and solutions to simplify your challenges.

Precision Timing Solutions

For decades, Spectracom has been providing timing solutions to operators of mission critical networks. Our Financial Services customers rely upon our technology because downtime is not an option.

FINRA and MiFID II Timing Compliance

In January 2018, new regulations aimed at providing greater market surveillance went into effect in the US and EU. One of the key challenges introduced by these regulations is the need for a much finer level of timestamp accuracy on reportable events. Although these new accuracies may seem daunting, especially when trying to achieve them on legacy networks that were never designed for low latency, Spectracom has solutions to make it easy.

Orolia's PRISMA Compliance, is designed specifically for MiFID and FINRA compliance. It is the first and only compliance reporting solution that provides full UTC traceability.

In addition, we have a variety of other tools to help ensure compliance, including PTP Grandmasters, indoor antenna solutions, and PCIe cards ideal for retrofitting Windows domain controllers.

It all starts with a signal

There are many different references you can use to bring time into time your network. However, not all references are created equally. In order to provide the level of accuracy and legal traceability needed for most financial uses cases – whether meeting regulatory requirements or synchronizing global networks – it all starts with a reference from an official time source. Historically, these sources are GNSS references like GPS or GLONASS. However, newer technologies like STL, are also available to provide a similar level of accuracy and full UTC traceability with just a small indoor antenna. STL is delivered from the low earth orbiting satellites which means the signal is about 1,000x stronger than GNSS signals. It’s also encrypted, making it very secure and almost impossible to spoof. This makes STL an excellent augmentation to GNSS or primary standalone reference.

The right timeserver for the job

Simplify Your Large Deployments With NTP over AnyCast

Using NTP over AnyCast allows you to manage thousands of clients through a single, virtual IP address, removing the logistics involved with deploying and managing Enterprise scale networks

For Financial customers, Spectracom offers two different platforms – the SecureSync and the VelaSync.

SecureSync is a modular timeserver and is ideal for applications where more than just time of day is needed. With its modular design, SecureSync is capable of being fitted with a variety of I/O modules which allows you to customize it to your exact requirements. These modules include a high capacity PTP Master or Slave, NTP, 1PPS in / out, IRIG, STL, and more – up to 6 in total – all from the same 1RU box. And since the modules are field upgradeable, you can add or remove them as your requirements change.

VelaSync 1232 was designed with HFT in mind. Providing up to 4x 10G ports, and 3x 1G ports, all capable of providing PTP and NTP simultaneously, VelaSync is ready for high performance environments.

Testing and certification

Looking for peace of mind? Not sure how to satisfy your compliance officer’s questions about the readiness of your timing infrastructure? Spectracom can help. We have the knowledge and tools to test your timing network and provide accurate reports about its performance and ensure its running at optimal levels.

Premium Support Service

Time is a critical component to your network. Downtime is not an option. It’s with this in mind that Spectracom developed Premium Service Plans to provide 24/7 support, advanced replacement services, and onsite services unparalleled in the Timing Industry.

The Building Blocks

Next Steps

Spectracom offers a wide variety of timing solutions to meet even the most demanding requirements for precision and availability. We make timing easy with innovations like NTP over AnyCast, which allows you to manage a timing network of any size with a single, virtual IP address. With new innovations like STL, which provides secure, high accuracy sync with just an indoor antenna, Spectracom simplifies implementing timing in a way never before possible.