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Implementing your Resilient PNT network or solution is not an easy task. It’s a niche technology that can require specialized knowledge and protocols that even the most seasoned networking or UNIX professionals simply haven’t been exposed to. As a result, even the initial step of turning high-level requirements into an actual plan can become a daunting task -- let alone implementing, configuring, testing, and maintaining the network or solution itself.

On top of all of that, chances are that your PNT system is required for critical reasons, whether it’s regulations, legal liability or because it’s an integral part of the operation of a larger system.

With so much at stake, and without ample experience working with resilient PNT technologies, making the right decisions and implementing the proper solutions can become overly burdensome.

The Right Expertise. Right When You Need It.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a resilient PNT expert to solve the challenges of building, deploying or testing and maintaining your PNT network or solution.

At Orolia, we have decades of experience in resilient PNT solutions and networks. Our experts will guide you through the project stages to help you meet your objectives on time and within budget.

From defining the appropriate architecture, to understanding the impacts of achieving your goals, and testing and certifying the performance of an existing network or solution, our engineers can take the burden off your shoulders while shortening the project development time and increasing your confidence that you have the right solution with the right implementation.

This not only frees up your time and resources to focus on other tasks, it can reduce the overall project cost as well.

Customized Programs to Match Your Exact Needs

Engineering Services
  • PNT network or solution design & deployment
  • Advanced system architecture
  • Time-Sensitive Network focused system design & deployment
  • GNSS interference testing
  • Performance testing
  • Operations/NOC team training
  • Tailored product training
PNT Security and Audit
  • PNT network or solution security audit
  • PNT cybersecurity audit
  • GPS spoofing and jamming vulnerability testing
  • PNT system security optimization

Need a service not listed? Contact us.

Vulnerability & Intrusion Testing

When it’s mission critical, you need to know your PNT risks and vulnerabilities. We can help.

Orolia offers assessments to determine vulnerability and support risk mitigation strategies. We understand vulnerability issues across a wide range of applications and use our proven products, extensive experience and top-notch engineering teams to discover ways to lower your risk.

Here is a sampling of issues we are addressing:

  • Loss of GPS signals by intentional or unintentional interference, jamming or spoofing
  • Loss of communications in secure and stealth systems
  • Real-time synchronization in wide-scale distributed computing platforms
  • Complex RF modulation/demodulation for high bandwidth wireless data transmissions
  • Long, and uncontrolled, latency effecting automated transactions
  • Management of power and energy deliverability systems
  • Next-generation air/land/sea traffic management for semi- or full-autonomy

There are multiple reasons why the Orolia Vulnerability Investigation is a powerful tool:

We are solution-neutral.

  • This means we are not doing an assessment with our products in mind. Rather, we assess and then discuss potential solutions that require collaboration and new thinking.

The majority of our work is in essential applications.

  • This means we work in environments with no room for error. Our Vulnerability Assessment asks the essential questions.

We have extensive real-life experience in multiple industries.

  • This means we understand the critical vulnerability issues facing those industries and can bring proven solutions from one industry to another.

Installation & Training

Orolia offers start-up assistance to maximize productivity on day one.

Orolia products are designed for ease-of-use, however, some applications have a learning curve before users become proficient. So why not have our product and application expertise the first day of set-up? Enjoy the benefits of one of our engineers at your site to assist you and your entire organization’s start-up of the equipment so you maximize the return on your technology investment.

The benefits of Orolia training

  • No hidden cost statement of work
  • Project management
  • Knowledge from subject-matter experts
  • Convenient on-site services
  • Choose from, or combine:
    • Installation and set-up
    • One-on-one or group training
    • Applications development
    • System integration
    • Hardware and software acceptance testing and validation
  • Travel costs included or billed separately

GNSS Training

Training to Get You There Fast

The global navigation satellite eco-system is rapidly expanding, offering opportunities to those who stay in the forefront. Our training programs provide Orolia’s GNSS knowledge customized to your needs. Often, it is combined with start-up assistance for our GPS/GNSS simulators. An example is our 1-day program to bring users of the GSG series simulators to a flatter part of the learning curve where it becomes easy for users to rapidly advance their applications knowledge. The day typically includes a mix of training and tips about GNSS signals and receivers and hands-on configuration and testing.

Customized Programs to Match Your Exact Needs

Since one solution does not fit all, we tailor a program to meet what you need for virtually every product and system in our portfolio.

We help you define what is the most useful combination of set-up, one-on-one training, group training, applications development, or testing.

Product Support Plans

While we are happy to provide virtually any type of service to support your mission, for your convenience, we offer standard services, plans and packages.

These enhancements over our standard industry-leading warranty and technical support are designed to ensure your business continuity.

Premium Support Packages (PSP)

For mission critical synchronization and infrastructure applications, we recommend a premium support package that features 24/7 emergency technical support, express next-day loaner service, priority repair services, notification of new releases. For even greater coverage, PSP Gold offers a product replacement service, any calibrations required and an option for on-site services.

Annual Service Plan (ASP)

The annual service plan is designed for lab and factory environments and test applications. It is recommended for the GSG-5 and -6 series due to the rapid evolution of the GPS and GNSS eco-system. The ASP provides unlimited phone/email support, annual calibration and factory check, free product updates, loaner service if needed, and priority factory repair services.

Extended Warranty

Reques quote

Orolia's standard industry-leading warranty provides a high degree of protection.

But even more comprehensive coverage is available to completely eliminate the risk of unexpected repair charges.


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