The Road to 5G

The Possibilities

  • Rich technologies and capabilities for military voice, data and imagery communications

  • Several hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connections for massive sensors

  • Mesh networking to enable devices to communicate with each other directly rather than via base stations

  • Robotics in industry, healthcare and defense that respond to the ultra-fast capture, transmission and processing of information

See if we are up to your challenge.

5G has the potential to be a game-changer in many industries. Let us know your needs to enhance what is essential in your application. 

Embracing the Change

5G is at the heart of the Internet of Everything (IoE), Machine-to-Machine communication (M2M) and Industry 4.0.

By 2025, there could be as many as 100 billion devices connected to the cloud, including all kinds of intelligent terminals, industrial machines, vehicles, robots and wearables.

Spectracom is working closely with its partners to embrace changes that 5G will bring. With our defense partners, we are looking at implications for aerospace and test and measurement.

In automotive, we are examining the potential of 5G for vehicle-to-vehicle and infrastructure communications.

With our enterprise network clients, we are discovering cost savings and customer service advantages of 5G systems.

One of our specialties is collaborating on emerging technology. Because we are nimble, we are able to work closely with other experts both in partner and customer companies to keep on top of this new standard, which will change the way we do everything.

Market Relevancy

The continuing development of 5G is having significant impacts in the communities we are part of.