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Implementing your Resilient PNT network or solution is not an easy task. It’s a niche technology that can require specialized knowledge and protocols that even the most seasoned networking or UNIX professionals simply haven’t been exposed to. As a result, even the initial step of turning high-level requirements into an actual plan can become a daunting task -- let alone implementing, configuring, testing, and maintaining the network or solution itself.

On top of all of that, chances are that your PNT system is required for critical reasons, whether it’s regulations, legal liability or because it’s an integral part of the operation of a larger system.

With so much at stake, and without ample experience working with resilient PNT technologies, making the right decisions and implementing the proper solutions can become overly burdensome.

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Fortunately, you don’t need to be a resilient PNT expert to solve the challenges of building, deploying or testing and maintaining your PNT network or solution.

At Orolia, we have decades of experience in resilient PNT solutions and networks. Our experts will guide you through the project stages to help you meet your objectives on time and within budget.

From defining the appropriate architecture, to understanding the impacts of achieving your goals, and testing and certifying the performance of an existing network or solution, our engineers can take the burden off your shoulders while shortening the project development time and increasing your confidence that you have the right solution with the right implementation.

This not only frees up your time and resources to focus on other tasks, it can reduce the overall project cost as well.

Customized Programs to Match Your Exact Needs

Engineering Services
  • PNT network or solution design & deployment
  • Advanced system architecture
  • Time-Sensitive Network focused system design & deployment
  • GNSS interference testing
  • Performance testing
  • Operations/NOC team training
  • Tailored product training
PNT Security and Audit
  • PNT network or solution security audit
  • PNT cybersecurity audit
  • GPS spoofing and jamming vulnerability testing
  • PNT system security optimization

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