Vulnerability & Intrusion Testing

How Vulnerable Are You?

When it’s mission critical, you need to know your PNT risks and vulnerabilities. We can help.

Orolia offers assessments to determine vulnerability and support risk mitigation strategies. We understand vulnerability issues across a wide range of applications and use our proven products, extensive experience and top-notch engineering teams to discover ways to lower your risk.

Here is a sampling of issues we are addressing:

  • Loss of GPS signals by intentional or unintentional interference, jamming or spoofing
  • Loss of communications in secure and stealth systems
  • Real-time synchronization in wide-scale distributed computing platforms
  • Complex RF modulation/demodulation for high bandwidth wireless data transmissions
  • Long, and uncontrolled, latency effecting automated transactions
  • Management of power and energy deliverability systems
  • Next-generation air/land/sea traffic management for semi- or full-autonomy

How We Add Value to Risk Mitigation

There are multiple reasons why the Orolia Vulnerability Investigation is a powerful tool:

We are solution-neutral.

  • This means we are not doing an assessment with our products in mind. Rather, we assess and then discuss potential solutions that require collaboration and new thinking.

The majority of our work is in essential applications.

  • This means we work in environments with no room for error. Our Vulnerability Assessment asks the essential questions.

We have extensive real-life experience in multiple industries.

  • This means we understand the critical vulnerability issues facing those industries and can bring proven solutions from one industry to another.