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EdgeSync User Manual
pdf (1,942KB)
Considerations for Edge Master Deployment

This document gives some general guidelines to assist in planning a packet-based synchronization strategy utilizing edge grandmasters.

pdf (1,639KB)
Configure Satellite Positions Based on User-defined Elevation/Azimuth in Skydel
pdf (2,411KB)
Synchronization for RSG/Real Time/HIL Usage Tech Note

This technical note gives information about GSG-6 synchronization consideration for RSG/REAL TIME/ HIL usage on GSG-5 and 6 units, especially when integrating your system with OPT- RSG option installed on your simulator unit.

pdf (823KB)
Skydel GSG-8: Advanced Spoofing
pdf (8,491KB)
How to use StudioView for Building Trajectories for Skydel Systems
pdf (10,155KB)
Skydel Antenna Pattern Convertor User Manual
pdf (1,139KB)
Skydel GSG-8: Advanced Jamming

How to implement advanced jamming with Skydel

pdf (3,709KB)
SecureSync for Process Control

For industrial automation suppliers and system integrators who serve the process control market, timing and synchronization are critical core functions. Orolia’s SecureSync® is the ideal timing synchronization solution because it is flexible, secure, proven, and cost effective.

pdf (5,695KB)
Skydel GSG-8: Running a basic scenario

This document explains how to start a first basic simulation with a GSG-8.

pdf (6,260KB)
pdf (146KB)
Atomic Clocks and Oscillators

Orolia is a world leader in high-end crystal and rubidium references, masers, integrated GPS/GNSS modules and testing instrumentation for space, commercial and military applications that rely on high precision atomic clock technology.

pdf (3,868KB)
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