Fleet Management Support

Welcome to the Orolia Service and Support Page for Fleet Management.

You count on Orolia to keep your communications flowing smoothly, day in and day out. Whether you need help by phone or on-site service, we are standing by to keep you up and running with world-class customer service and support.

For support and additional information, call our NOC at 1-800-262-8722 (Toll-Free in the US). Or, you can e-mail us at fleetsupport@orolia.com.

Prisma Connect

Field Services

Whether you need installation services, 24/7/365 troubleshooting and repair, or software upgrades and training, our highly experienced staff is available to serve you.

Troubleshooting Services Round the Clock

Our team of experienced mobile technicians are highly trained to provide diagnostic and repair service for any hardware or software issues. We have performed hundreds of installations and service requirements and are available for consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Software Upgrades and Training

We provide over the air software downloads and training, as well as support for local installations. We also provide training for office staff or crew on upgrades and new installations. In addition, we work with a host of capable dealers who offer onsite hardware installation.

24/7/365 Network Operations Center

We’re proud to offer you the best support in the maritime communications industry with our Network Operations Center, with experienced customer service professionals available any time of day or night, any day of the year.

Whether it’s a serious distress call or a technical question affecting productivity, you know the importance of getting fast response from a live voice. Our customer service professionals are always on the job in our Network Operations Center (NOC), ready to give you the live assistance you need. We process over 3 million transactions per year, ensuring the fast reliable communications you expect. Every Orolia product is backed by our NOC, to keep you up and running safely and smoothly.

NOC services include:

  • Emergency response and disaster backup
  • Message relay
  • Weather
  • Positioning and mapping
  • All-hours customer support and monitorin
  • Optional news, sports, fish prices, etc.

Message Relay

Phone: Our two-way messaging service relays voice messages worldwide via NOC operator. Users can also use our 800 number to dictate messages to be transmitted to the NOC operator and sent via satellite.

Fax: Send or receive messages from any facsimile number in the world. Onboard vessels, users complete a simple fax form and sent to the NOC for forwarding. To send faxes to vessels, messages can be faxed to the NOC for forwarding via satellite to the boat.

E-mail: Orolia assigns each vessel a unique e-mail address, such as FVJasmine@orolia.com, which lets the vessel exchange (send/receive) e-mail worldwide.

Boat-to-Boat: This popular feature enables boats equipped with our satellite terminal equipment to send/receive private communications with other boats rather than broadcasting conversations over Single Side Band or VHF radio.


Get detailed weather information based on your vessel position. We work with a number of weather information providers, and can tailor the data for you, either in regular broadcasts, or on demand.

Optional Subscription Services

Orolia Fleet Management customers can customize their data reports, with data subscriptions either broadcast to your fleet on a regular basis, or in response to a specific information request. In addition to weather, subscription services include:

  • News and sports
  • Stock prices
  • Fish prices

Emergency Response and Disaster Backup

When disaster hits, fast action means everything. Our NOC professionals are experienced and ready to support you, whether to send help, relay messages to your vessels, or act as your dispatch office if your offices must be evacuated.

In an emergency, here’s how our NOC will support you:

  • Relay your messages to your vessels via telephone, fax or e-mail.
  • Provide position histories and detailed maps.
  • Contact the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • Act as your dispatch office in the event that your shore office loses power, telephone or computer connection, or must be evacuated.
  • Respond to vessel’s panic button, an optional Boatracs service. When the button is pushed, the NOC immediately acts on your predetermined emergency procedure kept on file.

Orolia (Boatracs) responds during 9/11 crisis

When the World Trade Center towers were attacked, our Orolia/Boatracs staff contacted all of our customers in the New York harbor area to offer assistance and to verify that their communications were working. Orolia was the primary mode of communications for many, with telephone and cellular circuits overloaded.

K-Sea Transportation Services of Staten Island, New York, was unable to contact their vessels using telephone and Internet services. To communicate quickly with their vessels, they got help from Orolia and installed an Orolia/Boatracs Mobile Communications Terminal in their offices. The MCT provided a vital link between managers, captains, and customers.

As people lined the docks in lower Manhattan on September 11, towboats transported survivors to their home shore for medical attention. The men and women of Moran Towing, Bouchard, Transportation, Reinauer Transportation, and Express Marine Transportation were among many Orolia customers who were unsung heroes that day.