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Please choose from the items below for more information on how Orolia can help you with your specific product issues.

You can also send an e-mail to support@orolia.com and someone will be in touch to answer your service and support questions.

Repair, Battery Replacement & Programming Network

pdf - 137 KB—  January 23, 2018
  • Programming: You want to change the programming of your ELT? Click here. Any location will be able to help.
  • Maintenance: Your battery expires or you want to check your Kannad Aviation product during a periodic inspection? Click here and look for  blue markers  or  green markers. 
  • Repair: Your Kannad Aviation product develops a fault or requires repair ? Click here and look for  green markers. 

Partner Portal

Kannad Partner Portal

Warranty Information

The equipment is warranted against all material or manufacturing defect for a period of two years from the date of installation on the aircraft or thirty months from the date of shipment from Orolia S.A.S. facilities whichever occur first.

This warranty covers the cost of parts and labour in our factories.

If your Kannad Aviation product is under PART 21, and develops a fault, you must obtain an RMA (Return Materials Authorisation) number before you return any items to us. Send us an email at support@orolia.com.

For all others services, please contact our Service Centers (Repair, Battery Remplacement or Programming Center, depending of your enquiry). To find a Kannad Aviation Service Partner near you, click here.


How to read a self-test result on my ELT?


How to reprogram my ELT/Dongle ?

Various options are possible to reprogram an ELT
We invite you to go through our online decision tree.

Can I use my old 121.5MHz antenna?

Your old 121.5MHz antenna is only good for that frequency, so you need to change it for one that combines 121.5 and 406MHz in one unit. See the antennas page for the range we offer.

Do I have to have a Remote Control for my ELT?

The short answer is Yes, unless you can mount the ELT is a place where it can be operated, and the indicator light viewed, from the pilot’s normal flying position. You can’t, for example, avoid having a Remote Control by mounting it on a shelf behind the pilot.

How do I choose between a PLB and ELT?

First, you may not have a choice, as either a PLB or an ELT may be mandated in your country, so check your local regulations.

If you have a free hand to choose, select an ELT if you want an automated rescue alerting system which can call for help even if you are unconscious or a PLB if you are happy to rely on manual activation. Remember that a PLB has no way of calling for help if you are unconscious.

If you want maximum security, select both – an ELT for your plane and a PLB in your pocket.

How long do batteries last?

The real question is ‘how often do batteries have to be changed?’ They actually last about twice as long as the recommended replacement period, but regulations require manufacturers to build in a safety factor. The Kannad PLBs require a battery change after 5 years; the Kannad ELTs require a battery change after 6 years. You may get a few extra months, and the replacement date is printed on the beacon.

Is retro-fitting easy?

You bet. The Kannad Universal Mounting Tray fits pretty well all legacy 121.5MHz ELTs, so changing over the unit is simple. You can generally use the existing co-axial antenna cable, though you will of course have to change the antennas. With the choice of Remote Controls offered by Kannad Aviation, there is a replacement to fit the panel holes of every legacy model. The last job, then, is to replace the end fittings on the remote control cable. It is simply a matter of cutting off the old connectors and soldering on the Kannad ones. From April 2011 you will be able to order retro-fit installation kits for all other brands, with pre-assembled cable fittings, making retro-fitting even easier, and taking away the need to do any soldering.

User Manuals

All Manuals published here are the latest approved version.

Manuals for Kannad 406 ELT

Manuals for Compact

Rev. Jul 22/2013
pdf - 3 MB—  July 22, 2013
Rev. Aug 20/2013
pdf - 3 MB—  July 20, 2013

Manuals for Integra

Rev. Nov 02/2015
pdf - 7 MB—  November 2, 2015
Rev. Nov 02/2015
pdf - 6 MB—  November 2, 2015
Rev. Nov 02/2015
pdf - 6 MB—  November 2, 2015
Rev. Nov 02/2015
pdf - 4 MB—  November 2, 2015
Index B, Rev. Nov 07/2013
pdf - 808 KB—  November 7, 2013

Manuals for Integra ER-N

Rev. Feb 12/2015
pdf - 6 MB—  February 12, 2015
Rev. Feb 12/2015
pdf - 3 MB—  February 12, 2015
Rev. Feb 12/2015
pdf - 7 MB—  February 12, 2015
Rev. Feb 12/2015
pdf - 4 MB—  February 12, 2015
Index B, Rev. Sep 14/2016
pdf - 793 KB—  September 14, 2016

Manuals for Control Panel

Revision 4, 01 October 2013
pdf - 1021 KB—  November 1, 2013
Revision 3, 28 February 2017
pdf - 797 KB—  February 28, 2017
Revision 4, 03 October 2013
pdf - 2 MB—  March 11, 2013

Maintenance Manuals

Please refer to Kannad ELT Maintenance Policy : Maintenance Policy for all Kannad ELTs

Ref. Description Revision Issue Date Insertion Date
25-63-01 Level 3 CMM for Kannad 406 AF, AF-H, AF-6D, AP, AP-H, AS, Survival, 121AF, AF-H Rev. 21 Jan. 20/2019 Jan. 20/2019
25-63-02 Level 3 CMM for Kannad 406 ATP  Rev. 10 Feb. 09/2016 Feb. 09/2016
25-63-03 Level 3 CMM for Kannad 406 AF Compact ELTs Rev. 07 Feb. 27/2018 Jul. 09/2018
25-63-06 Level 3 CMM for Kannad INTEGRA ELTs Rev. 03 Oct. 12/2015 Oct. 12/2015

NOTE: The Level 3 CMMs are provided only to Kannad Approved Repair & Warranty Centers.

Ref. Description Revision Issue Date Insertion Date
25-63-05 Level 2 CMM for Kannad 406 AF, AF-H, AF-6D, AP, AP-H, AS, Survival, 121AF, AF-H Rev. 04 Jan. 20/2019 Jan. 20/2019
25-63-07 Level 2 CMM for Kannad 406 AF Compact ELTs Rev. 02 Feb. 23/2018 Jul. 09/2018
25-63-08 Level 2 CMM for Kannad INTEGRA ELTs Rev. 00 Oct. 09/2015 Oct. 09/2015

NOTE: The Level 2 CMMs are provided only to Kannad Approved Battery Replacement Centers.

If your local regulation requires periodic inspection, you shall refer to the following guidelines.

Rev 04 – Issue Apr. 17/2015
pdf - 2 MB—  April 17, 2015
Rev 01 – Issue Feb. 11/2013
pdf - 2 MB—  February 11, 2013

Service Letters / Service Bulletins

Service Letters

Rev 00 – Issue Feb. 10/2016
pdf - 426 KB—  February 10, 2016
Rev 04 – Issue Jan. 24/2018
pdf - 137 KB—  January 24, 2018
Rev 00 – Issue Jun. 15/2011
pdf - 214 KB—  June 15, 2011

Service Bulletins

Rev 01 – Issue Nov. 22/2013
pdf - 2 MB—  November 22, 2013
Issue A. 05/10/2016
pdf - 3 MB—  May 10, 2016


 Marker Types   Red markers:  Sales & Programming.
 Blue markers:  Battery Replacement (Level 2 service)
 Green markers:  Repair (Level 3 service).