Skydel 15.11 Release Notes

Release 15.11.3

New Features:

  • When searching for addresses in the Route Wizard, if the given information is ambiguous, or not found, the Wizard will try to make suggestions
  • When importing NMEA file, if is doesn't contain GGA sentences, or if the GGA format is not recognized, the parser will create a track with only the RMC sentences and set the altitude to 0m
Bug Fixed:
  • Improve track validation. It must contain at least 3 points and be less than 300km

Release 15.11.2

New Feature:
  • Add GLONASS navigation message modification / corruption
Bugs Fixed:
  • NMEA Import: now skip GGA sentences with fix quality set to invalid
  • ladeRF: Simulator will raise an error when connected with USB 2.0 instead of 3.0
  • Create Route Wizard: Fixed crash when speed was set to invalid value (0 km/h). Speed lower limit is now 1 km/h.
  • NMEA Import: Add support for talker ids GL and GN
  • KML Import: If file contains multiple tracks or tracks, the user can now select which one to import
  • KML Import: Fixed crash when, in some cases, 2 waypoints were at the same location

Release 15.11.1

New Features:
  • Add support for BladeRF x40 SDR (BETA). On Windows, you need to install the latest driver from Nuand
  • Add support to import KML file to define receiver trajectory
  • Improve track smoothing when importing NMEA or KML file