Skydel 15.12 Release Notes

Release 15.12.2

Bugs fixed:
  • Fix crash when running a script for the first time
  • Fix python script exportation

Release 15.12.1

Bug fixed:
  • For Ettus X300/X310: Limited Send Frame size to 4KB: prevents "Transmission Sequence Errors" on some systems

Release 15.12.0

New Features:
  • Add L2C Nav signal
  • Add Earth-orbiting receiver trajectory
  • Add GPU Benchmark in modulation settings page
  • Show modulation settings page when creating a new configuration
  • Improve locations search in track wizard
  • Add Copy from Clipboard button to import KML track
  • Change default power offset at -3.0dB for P-Code and -2.5 for GLONASS
Bug fixed:
  • Fix a misaligned track displayed in the map widget for the analysis page