Skydel 16.11 Release Notes

Release 16.11.2

Bugs Fixed:
  • Intermittent issue when using multiple channels: the generated signal could be wrong on one of the RF Outputs. All RF Outputs are now forced to use the same sampling rate.

Release 16.11.1

New Features:
  • Window of validity for Galileo navigation message was changed. The time of ephemeris is now always in the past by 600 to 1200 seconds. The update interval is now 600s.
  • Window of validity for BeiDou navigation message was changed. The time of ephemeris is now always in the past by 0 to 3600 seconds. The update interval is now 3600s.
  • Updated GPS and Galileo health when importing Rinex.
  • Added health page for BeiDou and GLONASS.
  • Added Quit command to quit SDX through API.
  • Remote API version 15:
    • Added Commands
      • Quit
      • SetBeiDouSatelliteHealthInfo
      • SetBeiDouSatelliteAutonomousHealth
      • SetGlonassSatelliteEphemerisHealthFlag
      • SetGlonassSatelliteAlamanacUnhealthyFlag
      • GetLastHilWarning (to replace GetHilWarning)
      • ResetHilWarning
    • Modified Command:
      • SimulationElapsedTimeResult: Fixed typo in variable name (milliseconds)
      • HilWarningResult: new parameters to indicate if extrapolation occured
    • Removed Commands
      • GetHilWarning (replaced by GetLastHilWarning)
Bugs Fixed:
  • In GPS->Health settings, show correct Data Health choices in combo box.
  • Fixed bug where simulation would stop when pause is pressed if config has "Stop at the end of trajectory".

Release 16.11.0

New Features:
  • Added User Manual in Help menu
  • Added Galileo E5a and E5b signals
  • Added BeiDou B1 and B2 signals
  • Redesigned Modulation Page to simplify signals selection. As a result, the remote API had to be changed (see details below). Existing configurations can be loaded, but the sampling rate might change. It is recommended to save the configuration to update the file format to the latest version.
  • The Modulation page was renamed "Output" in the Settings menu
  • Let user import Rinex navigation message file for Galileo constellation
  • Added support for Rinex version 3
  • Receiver and Analysis tabs are now optimized for NMEA 0183 version 4.10
  • Galileo I/NAV word types 8, 9 and 10 (almanac) now set signal health status according to user parameters set in configuration. In version 16.7.0, only the word type 5 was set with user parameters.
  • Added support for minute unit in CSV parser wizard
  • Added F/NAV Source Diversity settings to let user choose almanac offset for each satellites (referred as parameter K in Galileo ICD)
  • Added BeiDou -> Motions and BeiDou -> Perturbations Page
  • Added Age of Issue Button in BeiDou -> General Settings
  • GPS time is now displayed as week and second instead of rollover, week and second. The week includes the rollover (value can exceed 1023).
  • Added option to automatically stop the simulation at the end of a track or route trajectory
  • Remote API version 14:
    • Added Commands
      • General Commands:
        • GetSimulationElapsedTime
        • GetGpsStartTime
        • SetModulationTarget
        • RemoveModulationTarget
        • ChangeModulationTargetName
        • ChangeModulationTargetSignals
        • RemoveAllModulationTargets
        • MessageSequenceInsert
        • MessageSequenceRemove
        • MessageSequenceSwap
        • EnableSimulationStopAtTrajectoryEnd
      • Commands related to Galileo constellation:
        • SetPowerGalileoE5aOffset
        • SetPowerGalileoE5bOffset
        • SetGalileoFnavSatellite
      • Commands related to BeiDou constellation:
        • SetAgeOfDataBeidou
        • SetBeidouSatMotionFixed
        • SetBeidouEphemerisReferenceTime
        • SetBeidouEphemerisDoubleParam
        • SetBeidouEphemerisDoubleParams
        • ResetBeidouPerturbations
        • SetBeidouPerturbations
        • SetBeidouPerturbationsForAllSat
        • ImportBeidouRinex
    • Removed Commands
      Removed CommandReplaced by
Bugs Fixed:
  • Galileo E1 Signal: inversion of navigation message bits
  • Changing CSV column separator in wizard now correctly update column picker
  • Fixed bug introduced in 16.7.0 where update sat position check box in GPS and Galileo orbits pages had no effect
  • Fixed speed of imported routes from csv, when speed is speciefied in Km/h
  • Fixed heading if vehicle when vehicle motion is paused
  • First message in L2C message sequence is now aligned with GPS second 0 instead of simulation start time