Skydel 16.2 Release Notes

Release 16.2.6

New Feature:

  • Support for X300 equipped with only one daughterboard

Release 16.2.5

New Feature:
  • Add support for BladeRF Firmware version 1.9.0

Release 16.2.4

New Feature:
  • Remote API: Add functions to get current vehicle trajectory information (position, distance, speed, heading)

Release 16.2.3

New Feature:
  • Remote API: Add C# client library
Bugs fixed:
  • Remote API: Fix ending of simulation in HIL mode
  • Remote API: Fix C++ client library when sending arrays to SDX

Release 16.2.2

Bug fixed:
  • Bug fix: incorrect error message indicating "Unable to set Reference clock to External clock" for USRP devices equipped with GPSDO

Release 16.2.0

New Features:
  • Add PPS synchronization
    • Multiple simulators based on NI/Ettus SDR hardware can now be synchronized with 10 MHz reference clock and PPS
  • Add PSR ramp to change pseudorange in real-time
  • Let user change navigation message events during the simulation
  • Add simulated receiver ECEF coordinates (truth) in raw log file
  • Satellite raw log files now include:
    • Elapsed Time (ms)
    • ECEF coordinates
    • Azimuth, Elevation
    • Range, PSR, Clock Correction
    • Iono and Tropo Corrections
    • PSR ramp (sum of all ramps at any given time)
  • Logging rate can now be set to 10 Hz, 100 Hz and 1000 Hz
  • Add support to import CSV file trajectory
  • Multiple changes to Remote API
    • Add GetState function
    • Add C++ client library
    • Sending remote command to Stop simulation when simulation is not running no longer returns an error. It now returns success and the command has no effect
    • Remove StopOnCommandFailed function. This feature is now in the application Preferences -> Stop simulation when a remote command fails
  • Improved HIL
    • Latency is more deterministic
    • API now using UDP instead of TCP protocol
    • API is simplified and works with fewer calls
Bug fixed:
  • Fix an issue in HIL mode that was causing jerk even when data was received in real-time.