Skydel 16.3 Release Notes

Release 16.3.0

New Features:
  • Remote API C++: Add example to receive real-time vehicle informations broadcasted by SDX during simulation
  • Import NMEA: Now accept files which contain only GGA or only RMC sentences
  • Add control to set GPS orbit reference time
  • L2C NAV message is replaced with CNAV message
  • Add Signal Selection combinaison for X300/310:
    • GPS L1C/A + GLONASS G1 on RF A and
    • GPS L2C + GLONASS G2 on RF B simultaneously
    • Note: This option requires 50M samples per second. Recommended GPU is GeForce GTX 980 or better
  • Let user choose between GPSDO and EXTERNAL clock
  • Changes to Settings menu
    • Move Rinex import from Settings>GPS>Orbit to Settings>GPS>General
    • Rename Settings>GLONASS>Import Files as Settings>GLONASS>General
  • Warn user if selected sampling rate is insufficient for selected signals
  • PPS out calibration
  • Remote API version 12
    • Added Commands
      • LockGUI, UnlockGUI: Useful to optimize configuration time when you need to send hundreds of commands
      • EnableRF: Turn satellite RF on/off for all signals (replaces SetGpsSatelliteOn)
      • EnableSignal: Turn satellite signal on/off. Allows you to control which signals are generated for each satellite. If EnableRF is off for the satellite, all signals are off as well
      • EnableSignalForEachPrn: Same as EnableSignal, but applies to all PRN
      • SetSatPower: Control satellite power (replaces SetGpsSatPower and SetGlonassSatPower)
      • ResetAllSatPower: Reset all satellites power to nominal value (replaces ResetAllGpsSatPower and ResetAllGlonassSatPower)
      • SetGpsTime: Set the simulation start time using GPS time. It replaces the command SetStartTime that was using the UTC time
      • SetLeapSecond: Set the current leap seconds
      • SetGpsSatelliteL1HealthBit,
        SetGpsSatelliteL5HealthBit: Set L1/L2/L5 health bit for L2C CNAV
      • BeginRouteDefinition,
        EndRouteDefinition: Allow user to create a custom track
      • SetGpsEphemerisReferenceTime: Change orbital parameters reference time for each GPS satellite.
      • SetSyncTime: Set time delay to start streaming in order to allign PPS out Signal with RF
      • AddCNAVMessage,
        MoveDownCNAVMessage: Create custom L2C message sequence
    • Modified Commands
      • SetModulationOutputUsrpX300: Parameter RefClk was added to let user choose between GPSDO or EXTERNAL Clock
    • Removed Commands
      • SetGpsSatelliteOn (replaced with EnableRF)
      • SetGpsSatPower (replaced with SetSatPower)
      • SetGlonassSatPower (replaced with SetSatPower)
      • ResetAllGpsSatPower (replaced with ResetAllSatPower)
      • ResetAllGlonassSatPower (replaced with ResetAllSatPower)
      • SetStartTime (replaced with SetGpsTime)
New Feature in BETA:
  • Code Injection DLL (BETA 2, Interface V.2)
Bugs fixed:
  • Export Python script on Windows now properly format text file with carriage return and line feed (\r\n)
  • Add robustness in Rinex file importation
  • Rinex with missing PRN can now be imported
  • Coerce leap second when importing Rinex GLONASS Navigation Message file