Skydel 16.5 Release Notes

Release 16.5.1

New Features:
  • Improve Route and Track interpolation algorithm for airborne/spaceborne vehicle to minimize acceleration and jerk.
  • Add python example to import a realistic airplane track from a 6DoF csv file.
  • Add Signals selection page in GLONASS settings to enable RF and/or specific signals for each satellite individually.
  • Add Alpha/Beta Ionospheric corr. controls in Atmosphere Settings.
  • Remote API
    • Added Commands
      • EnableRFForEachPrn : Enable/disable RF for all PRN with a vector.
      • SetIonoAlpha / SetIonoBeta : Set the ionospheric corr. alpha/beta.
    • Modified Commands
      • EnableRF : Let you set all satellites to same value using PRN 0. The command also work for GLONASS now.
      • EnableSignal : The command also work for GLONASS now.

Release 16.5.0

New Features:
  • Vehicle motion now has 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF). Body position is defined with (x,y,z) in ECEF and attitude is defined with yaw, pitch and roll in the body carried NED system. The antenna offset also has 6DoF and is defined with x,y,z,yaw,pitch,roll in the body frame.
  • Removed vehicle trajectory length limitation.
  • Add support for Route and Track. Route are defined with speed, position and attitude while Tracks are defined with timestamp, position and attitude.
  • Antenna pattern is now defined for [-90..+90] degrees instead of [0..+90].
  • Add receiver GEO orbit support.
  • Add Ionospheric model for spacecraft.
  • Rename Ionospheric model "Simple" to "Klobuchar".
  • Improve signal strength model which now works for ground, airborne and spaceborne vehicles.
  • It is now possible to set satellite power even when they are masked.
  • Elevation mask now let you mask below and above user defined angles. It is also possible to disable masking function.
  • Sky view now display satellites with negative elevation angle if they are not eclipsed by the Earth. The Earth masking line is also displayed in blue when the receiver altitude is above 100km.
  • Remote API version 13
    • Added Commands
      • ClearAutomatePage : Same as clicking on Clear button in Automate Page.
      • Pause : Pause vehicle motion during simulation.
      • Resume : Resume vehicle motion during simulation.
      • SetElevationMaskBelow : Mask satellite with elevation angle below value.
      • EnableElevationMaskBelow : Enable elevation mask.
      • SetElevationMaskAbove : Mask satellite with elevation angle above value.
      • EnableElevationMaskAbove : Enable elevation mask.
      • SetGpsEphemerisBoolParam : Set various bool parameters in Ephemeris.
      • ImportTrack : Import CSV track file (timestamped positions).
      • SetVehicleAntennaOffset : Set position and angular antenna offset.
      • EnableTrajectorySmoothing : Enable/Disable trajectory smoothing for Track or Route.
      • ForceAttitudeToZero : Force vehicle yaw, pitch and roll to zero.
      • BeginTrackDefinition / EndTrackDefinition : Functions to construct a Track for the vehicle trajectory.
      • PushRouteEcef : Replaces PushRouteNode and work with ECEF XYZ instead of LLA coordinates.
      • SetVehicleTrajectoryFixEcef : Same as SetVehicleTrajectoryFix but use ECEF XYZ instead of LLA coordinates.
    • Modified Commands
      • SetStartTimeMode : Mode is now a string instead of a boolean value
      • SetVehicleTrajectoryFix : Now contains additional parameters: Yaw, Pitch and Roll.
    • Removed Commands
      • ImportVehiculeTrajectory
      • PushRouteNode (Replaced with PushRouteEcef)
    • Deprecated Commands
      • SetElevationMask (Use SetElevationMaskBelow instead)
Bugs fixed:
  • Af0 and Af1 are now coerced with correct limits.
  • Fix issue with Rinex import tool when file is missing satellites.
  • Python script export now end lines with carriage return and line feed for Windows.