Skydel 16.7 Release Notes

Release 16.7.3

New Features:
  • Added GPS NAV/CNAV Alert Flag control during simulation
  • Remote API
    • Modified Commands
      • SetGpsSatelliteNavAlertFlag: Changed command execution permission
      • SetGpsSatelliteCNavAlertFlag: Changed command execution permission

Release 16.7.2

New Features:
  • Added GPS NAV/CNAV Alert Flag control in Settings>GPS>Heatlh
  • Remote API
    • Added Commands
      • SetGpsSatelliteNavAlertFlag: Set Alert Flag value for GPS NAV message
      • SetGpsSatelliteCNavAlertFlag: Set Alert Flag value for GPS CNAV message

Release 16.7.1

Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed performance issue when new satellite appears in the Skyview.
  • Fixed bug introduced in 16.7.0 where edit to idot (inclination rate) was discarded.

Release 16.7.0

New Features:
  • Added Galileo E1 signal.
  • Moved Leap Seconds Future from Settings>GPS>General to Settings>Start Time.
  • The LSF setting applies to both GPS and Galileo navigation message. By default, LSF is now enabled.
  • Redesigned the Sky View with new color coding to improve readability when GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO are enabled simulataneously. Also, satellites with negative elevation are displayed with a minus sign above the PRN number. For GEO orbit, if a GNSS satellite is exposing its back side to the receiver, a dot will be displayed below the PRN number. Click the 'i' button in the Sky View to see the legend.
  • Added feature to allow multiple instances of SDX to run on the same computer. Requires a new license file.
  • Default ephemeris for GPS and GLONASS has changed
  • Default simulation start time has changed
  • Remote API
    • Added Commands
      • SetGalileoSatMotionFixed: Allow to fix the Galileo satellite position in space.
      • SetIssueOfDataGalileo: Set Galileo Issue of data (IOD nav & IOD alm).
      • SetGalileoSatelliteDataHealth: Set Galileo data health.
      • SetGalileoSatelliteSignalHealth: Set Galileo signal health.
      • SetPowerGalileoE1Offset: Set global power offset for Galileo E1 signal.
      • ImportGalileoRinex: Import Galileo RINEX file.
      • SetGalileoEphemerisReferenceTime: Change the orbit parameters reference time for Galileo.
      • SetGalileoEphemerisDoubleParam: Change Galileo orbit paramter value.
      • SetGalileoEphemerisDoubleParams: Change Galileo orbit parameter value for all satellites at once.
      • ResetGalileoPerturbations: Set Cxx parameters to zero for Galileo.
      • SetGalileoPerturbations: Set Cxx parameters for Galileo.
      • SetGalileoPerturbationsForAllSat: Set Cxx parameters for Galileo for all satellites at once.
    • Modified Commands
      • EnableRF / EnableRFForEachPrn: System parameter value "Galileo" is now accepted.
      • EnableSignal / EnableSignalForEachPrn: Signal parameter value "E1" is now accepted.