Skydel 17.1 Release Notes

Release 17.1.11

Bug Fixed:
  • Fixed acceleration calculation for Earth-Orbiting Spacecraft Trajectory

Release 17.1.10

New Feature:
  • Added checkbox in GPS General Settings to disable signal propagation delay. If unchecked, the signal propagation delay for GPS is forced to 0 seconds

Release 17.1.9

New Feature:
  • User can now set Almanac next upload time offset, and upload time interval

Release 17.1.8

New Feature:
  • Added --skip-release-note option
Bugs Fixed:
  • Corrected time reference in receiver orbital trajectory
  • Improved deceleration/acceleration smoothness when user click pause/resume

Release 17.1.7

New Features:
  • Added support of GPS timing receiver to set the scenario start time in multi-instance configuration.

Release 17.1.6

New Features:
  • Added LabVIEW wrapper for basic Remote API commands
  • Added --log-path command line option to specify simulator.log output location. SDX assumes the path is a folder and will append /simulator.log
  • Added --minimized-window command line option
  • Added a new API example in C# for windows to demonstrate how to control the simulator using HIL in real time. The example allows the user to control the vehicle trajectory using the keyboard arrows
  • Support for multi-instance with temporary license
  • Remote API version 17
    • Command "GetSimulatorState" now returns 2 more fields: Simulator's State Id and Sub-State Id.
Bug Fixed:
  • Fix HIL latency when using X300 (problem introduced in SDX 17.1.0)
  • Fix pause/resume for non-moving vehicle.
  • Fix SDX Multi-instance license verification (intermittent failure).

Release 17.1.5

Bug Fixed:
  • When using X-Series radio: Issue a warning on "Transmission Sequence Error" instead of stopping simulation.

Release 17.1.4

Bugs Fixed:
  • Fix intermittent X300 Reference Clock error by adding a retry mechanism.
  • Avoid X300 FPGA hang when no PPS signal is connected and using more than one X300s.

Release 17.1.3

New Feature:
  • Let user specify PSR ramp with 4 digits precision (0,0001m resolution) from the GUI.
Bug Fixed:
  • Fix intermittent X300 DAC error by adding a retry mechanism.

Release 17.1.2

New Feature:
  • Add almanac time of applicability offset control for GPS NAV message in Settings->GPS->General.
Bug Fixed:
  • Fix iono and tropo values in raw log file for Lower L-band. Affects only the log file. The values use in the simulation engine are correct.

Release 17.1.1

Bug Fixed:
  • Fix crash on startup when current Nvidia driver does not support CUDA 8.0.

Release 17.1.0

New Features:
  • Add multipath propagation and LoS obstruction.
  • Add message type id zero for L2C CNAV.
  • Add message modification/corruption for L2C CNAV.
  • Add Signal Level offset for M-Code and BeiDou.
  • Y-Code can now be enabled/disabled while the simulation is running.
  • Add Armed state which allow more flexibility to synchronize SDX. Some SDR may take longer to initialize. The Arm state will prepare all hardware so that when the Start command is received, there will be minimal delay. This greatly improves software synchronization performance. Hardware sync is always a better option when tight sync is required.
  • Is is possible to change many settings in the Armed state such as the power sliders before the simulation starts.
  • Automatically archive simulator.log file if application is terminated improperly.
  • Let user specify time offset when synchornizing with timing receiver.
  • Add Velocity and Acceleration to receiver log file (csv)
  • Add optional Winsock 1 support for C++ API
    • In SdxApi lib, add WINSOCK1 definition in Configuration Properties->C/C++->Preprocessor->Preprocessor Definitions
    • In your dll or executable, change ws2_32.lib to wsock32.lib dependency in Configuration Properties->Linker->Input->Additional Dependencies
  • BladeRF:
    • Support External Reference Clock of 38.4MHz.
    • Support dual BladeRF operation with Master/Slave configuration. (BETA)
    • Updated to "bladeRF Release 2016.06":
      • Integrated FPGA image v0.6.0
      • Integrated libbladeRF v1.7.2
      • REQUIRED FX3 Firmware version 2.0.0
  • Add streaming buffer size in preferences (affects HIL latency).
  • Add real-time GPIO control for X300/310 SDR (BETA).
  • Remote API version 16
    • Add Server and Client API Version getters
    • Add RemoteSimulator.arm()
    • Add optional "Fail if version mismatch" parameter for RemoteSimulator.connect()
    • Added Commands:
      • SetStartTimeOffset: Allows to specify an offset when synchronizing SDX with a timing receiver.
      • SetPowerGpsMcodeL1Offset
      • SetPowerGpsMcodeL2Offset
      • SetPowerBeiDouB1Offset
      • SetPowerBeiDouB2Offset
      • SetModificationToGpsCNavMessage
      • RemoveModificationToGpsCNavMessage
      • ClearAllModificationsToGpsCNavMessage
      • SetMultipath
      • EnableMultipath
      • RemoveAllMultipathForSignal
      • RemoveAllMultipathForPrn
      • RemoveAllMultipathForSystem
      • EnableLOS
      • ClearAllLOSForSystem
      • EnableLOSForEachPrn
      • SetStreamingBuffer
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fix health bits in Page 25, subframe 4 and 5 in GPS Nav message.
  • Fix TOW value in L2C signal. In some circumpstances, the TOW could be offset by 12 seconds.
  • When using user defined antenna pattern or no pattern for lower L-Band, the power was 3 dB higher than it should have been.
  • AS bit in GPS nav message is now properly updated when Y-Code is enabled.
  • Stop API command will no longer return an error if it is sent when SDX is already stopped and if the command has no timestamp.
  • Improve almanac extrapolation.

If you need access to the clients' site to download the binaries for this release, please contact us.