Skydel 17.10 Release Notes

Release 17.10.5

Warning: Any version of SDX between 17.10.2 and 17.10.4 (included) installed on Ubuntu have been installed in the wrong directory.
To uninstall them, use the following command: sudo apt remove "skydel-sdx*"

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed installer for ubuntu

Release 17.10.4

Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed L2C Navigation message polarity

Release 17.10.2

New Features:
  • When adding UHD radios in the UI, their IP address will increment automatically
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed a crash when importing kml files

Release 17.10.1

New Features:
  • Added message modification/corruption for BeiDou B1/B2
  • Added downlink data logging for BeiDou B1/B2
  • Remote API version 20:
    • Modified Commands:
      • SetBocToIntTx: Added a new parameter to switch from Sine-Phase to Cosine-Phase BOC
    • Added Commands:
      • SetModificationToBeiDouD1NavigationMessage: Add a modification to BeiDou D1 messages
      • RemoveModificationToBeiDouD1NavigationMessage: Remove a modification to BeiDou D1 messages
      • ClearAllModificationsToBeiDouD1NavigationMessage: Remove all modifications to BeiDou D1 messages
      • SetModificationToBeiDouD2NavigationMessage: Add a modification to BeiDou D2 messages
      • RemoveModificationToBeiDouD2NavigationMessage: Remove a modification to BeiDou D2 messages
      • ClearAllModificationsToBeiDouD2NavigationMessage: Remove all modifications to BeiDou D2 messages
      • GetSlaveStatus: Request for the slave status, returns a GetSlaveStatusResult
      • GetSlaveStatusResult result: Result of GetSlaveStatus
      • GetMasterStatus: Request for the master status, returns a GetMasterStatusResult
      • GetMasterStatusResult result: Result of GetMasterStatus
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed usage of Vehicle Antenna Power Pattern for L5 signal
  • Fixed Min/Max Sampling Rate drop-down list issue
  • Fixed PPS/RF out time offset (15ns offset when using X300)

Release 17.10.0

New Features:
  • Added new chapter 9 in user manual to explain how to precisely control timing with multiple simulators, PPS and HIL
  • Added GPS L5 signal
  • Added support for Hardware-In-Loop in Master/Slave configurations
  • Added BeiDou D2 navigation message
  • Added week number and TOW to signal log files
  • Added option to manually synchronize SDX with a PPS
  • Added downlink data logging for GPS L1C/A
  • Added the possiblity to change transmitter's color in spectrum
  • Added the possibilty to run a simulation using only Advanced Jammers transmitters
  • Added some smaller sampling range that can be used with Advanced Jammers transmitters
  • Remote API version 19
    • Modified Commands:
      • SimulatorSubState enum: Added the new substates identifiers
      • Start: Now blocks until the simulator is started. In case of HIL, blocks until the simulator is ready to accept positions. While blocked, only the Stop command is allowed.
      • Arm: Now blocks until the simulator is armed. While blocking, only the Stop command is allowed.
      • EnableSignal: Accepts L5 as a signal key
      • EnableSignalForEachPrn: Accepts L5 as a signal key
      • SetGpsSatelliteDataHealth: Now allowed to be executed during a simulation
      • SetGpsSatelliteSignalHealth: Now allowed to be executed during a simulation
      • SetGpsSatelliteL5HealthBit: Properly affects L5 satellites
      • ChangeModulationTargetSignals: Accepts L5 as a signal key
      • SetMultipath: Accepts L5 as a signal key
      • RemoveAllMultipathForSignal: Accepts L5 as a signal key
      • WaitSimulatorState: Blocks until desired State, FailureState or Error state is reached. While blocking, only the AbortWaitSimulatorState command is allowed
      • SetSatPower: Accepts PRN 0 to set all satellites' power offset
    • Removed Command:
      • EnableLogMNavDownlink: replaced by EnableLogDownlink
    • Added Commands:
      • EnableLogDownlink: Enable/Disable Logging of downlink data text file in csv format, as of today only GPS L1 C/A and MNAV are supported
      • SetPowerGpsL5Offset: Set power offset default value for GPS L5 signal
      • ChangeIntTxColor: Change a transmitter color in spectrums
      • AbortWaitSimulatorState: Abort the current WaitSimulatorState if any
      • ArmPPS: Arm the system for further PPS synchronization instructions
      • WaitAndResetPPS: Ask SDX to reset its PPS counter
      • StartPPS: Start the simulation at the given PPS count
      • GetVisibleSatellites: Get a list of visible satellites within a system, returns a GetVisibleSatellitesResult
      • GetVisibleSatellitesResult: Result of GetVisibleSatellites
      • GetSatellitePower: Get the decomposed power of a satellite. Returns GetSatellitePowerResult.
      • GetSatellitePowerResult: Result of GetSatellitePower
Bugs Fixed
  • Improved server error detection in street map route wizard
  • Fixed simulation stopping when all satellites are in the same position
  • Improved connection robustness between master and slave

If you need access to the clients' site to download the binaries for this release, please contact us.