Skydel 17.12 Release Notes

Release 17.12.1

Bug Fixed:

  • Fixed raw logging inaccuracy introduced in 17.12.0

Release 17.12.0

New Features:

  • Changed GLONASS health related commands execution persmission to allow changes while the simulation is running.
  • Added support for GLONASS positive/negative leap second event.
  • Added support for Dektec DTA-2115B SDR (BETA).
  • Added master/slave configuration synchronization.
  • Antenna patterns for vehicle and dynamic jammers are now in 3D.
  • Added gain control for BladeRF radio.
  • Automatically reduce the BladeRF gain when Gaussian noise is enabled to avoid IQ overflow.
  • Remote API version 21:
    • Modified Commands:
      • SetGlonassSatelliteEphemerisHealthFlag: Can now be executed during a simulation.
      • SetGlonassSatelliteAlmanacUnhealthyFlag: Can now be executed during a simulation.
      • SetIntTxAntenna: Now takes a 3D gain antenna pattern instead of a 2D one.
    • Removed Commands:
      • SetVehicleAntenna: Replaced by SetVehicleAntennaGain.
        Before: SetVehicleAntenna([], "None", "L1")
        Now: SetVehicleAntennaGain([], AntennaPatternType.AntennaNone, GNSSBand.L1))
    • Added Commands:
      • SetVehicleAntennaGain: Set a 3D gain antenna pattern.
      • SetVehicleAntennaPhaseOffset: Set a 3D phase offset antenna pattern.
      • AntennaPatternType enum: Possible values for antenna patterns.
      • GNSSBand enum: The different GNSS bands.
      • BroadcastConfig: Ask the master to broadcast its configuration to all slaves.
      • CancelBroadcastConfig: Cancel the current configuration broadcast if any.
      • SetConfigBroadcastOnStart: Set wether the master should send its configuration to every slave when simulation start.
      • ConfigFilter enum: The different kinds of filters for configuration.
      • SetConfigBroadcastFilter: Set the filter for configuration broadcast.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed BeiDou leap second event WN and DN in navigation message.
  • Fixed leap second displayed in dashboard after leap second event.
  • Fixed underruns when using a directory with low speed (network directory, usb stick, ...) as output directory.
  • Fixed a bug preventing multi-instance to start when using the same configuration.
  • Changed maximum gain on USRP radios from 35 dB to 30 dB to avoid non linear range.

If you need access to the clients' site to download the binaries for this release, please contact us.