Skydel 17.8 Release Notes

Release 17.8.2

Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed performance issue on Nvidia GPU GTX 9xx and earlier generations

Release 17.8.1

New Features
  • Added accumulated doppler range, week number and time of week columns to raw log files
  • Improved NMEA parsing to support text sentences mixed with binary data
  • Added display settings and clear trace buttons in map tab
  • Show info in map tab now show/hide more information
Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed crash during log file creation under systems with asian local
  • Fixed intermittent crash of GPU benchmark
  • Updated map and route calculation widget for better performance

Release 17.8.0

Important Note
  • Upgraded to latest official UHD driver and firmware (003-010-002-000) USRP X300/X310 requires firmware update. Other radios are not affected.
New Features:
  • Multiple improvements to the GUI:
    • Added spectrum view for each RF output
    • Added status log
    • Added label on map traces
    • Display HDOP, VDOP, TDOP and PDOP for the simulated satellites
  • Added Advanced Jammers (requires licence upgrade to enable feature)
    • Build custom interferences by combining multiple waveforms such as CW, Chirp, Pulse, BPSK, BOC and AWGN. Put these interferences on moving transmitters and let SDX simulate all the dynamics of the combined RF signals.
  • Added Gaussian noise to GNSS signal selection list and control signal to noise ratio the validate C/No with precision and accuracy.
  • Added RF gain control for each output.
  • Added GGA message to NMEA simulator log.
  • Connection with receiver (NMEA stream) is now done in binary mode instead of text mode. If receiver corrupts NMEA sentence with binary data, the sentence is ignored and the serial port stays open.
  • Added support of vehicle info in python remote API.
  • Added option to disable propagation delay (used for PPS calibration and timing receiver calibration)
  • Added GPS second of the week and week number in raw csv log file.
  • Added LLA vs. ECEF display in Preferences > General. The information panel (Map tab) will display simulated position and receiver position in the prefered system.
  • Remote API version 18
    • Deleted Command:
      • SetGpsPropagationDelay (replaced with SetPropagationDelay)
    • Added Commands:
      • SetPropagationDelay
      • ChangeModulationTargetInterference
      • SetDefaultIntTxPersistence
      • AddIntTx
      • RenameIntTx
      • EnableIntTx
      • SetIntTxGroup
      • SetIntTxRefPower
      • SetIntTxPersistence
      • SetIntTxNone
      • SetIntTxFix
      • SetIntTxFixEcef
      • SetIntTxCircular
      • SetIntTxHil
      • SetIntTxAntenna
      • SetIntTxAntennaOffset
      • RemoveIntTx
      • RemoveAllIntTx
      • SetCWToIntTx
      • SetChirpToIntTx
      • SetPulseToIntTx
      • SetBPSKToIntTx
      • SetBocToIntTx
      • SetAWGNToIntTx
      • EnableIntTxSignal
      • RemoveSignalFromIntTx
      • RemoveAllSignalsFromIntTx
      • SetSpectrumVisible
      • ClearStatusLog
      • GetStatusLog
      • LogLevel enum
      • LogRecord data
      • GetStatusLogResult result
      • CommandGroup
    • Modified Commands:
      • SimulatorState enum: added description
      • SimulatorSubState enum: added description
      • ChangeModulationTargetSignals: Min/Max rate accepts 60M samples, added 2 arguments: Gain and GaussianNoise
      • SetRfGain: takes an extra "Output" argument
      • SetInterferenceChirp: SweepTime is in µs
      • ShowMapAnalysis: Execute permission changed

If you need access to the clients' site to download the binaries for this release, please contact us.