Skydel 18.1 Release Notes

Release 18.1.10

Bug Fixed:

  • Reduced CPU usage when pausing a Track or Route simulation

Release 18.1.9

Bug Fixed:

  • Fixed raw logging inaccuracy introduced in 17.12.0

Release 18.1.8

Bug Fixed:

  • Fixed BeiDou pseudorange ramps.

Release 18.1.7

New Feature:

  • Added automatic scroll option for the Automate tab in Preferences.

Release 18.1.6

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed error happening when starting simulation on a X300/X310 equipped with a GPSDO under Windows.
  • Changed X300/X310 "PPS Out" connector behaviour:
    • Using external 10MHz and using external PPS: the "PPS Out" connector outputs no signal.
    • Using External 10MHz without external PPS: the "PPS Out" connector will always have a PPS signal alligned with GNSS signals.
    • Using GPSDO 10MHz reference clock: the "PPS Out" connector will always have a PPS signal alligned with GNSS signals.
    Timing diagrams in the user manual (section 9) reflect these changes.
  • Fixed clock drift (af1) extrapolation.
  • Improved GLONASS satellite trajectory smoothing.
  • Fixed SDX internal threading to avoid hang caused by Windows Time service.

Release 18.1.5

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed positions computation around the North and South poles
  • Fixed rounding of IQ-Samples in float2fix conversion

Release 18.1.4

Bug Fixed:

  • Fixed bug preventing to send Attitude when using HIL in the C++ remote API

Release 18.1.3

New Features:

  • Added a USRP preference to control the behaviour of the X300's "PPS out" connector
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed import of SBAS rinex files
  • Fixed GPU benchmark when using more than one radio

Release 18.1.2

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed wrong UTC time offset reference in L2C message
  • Corrected Multipath Doppler Offset: cumulative error had reversed sign
  • Fixed rounding of timestamp for remote API "Post" commands. Commands could be executed 1ms too early.

Release 18.1.1

User Manual:

  • Updated Recommended Computer (Section 5.4.2)
Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed crashing SBAS signal selection at runtime.
  • Fixed Power Level of Dektec card when used to transmit Advanced Jammer

Release 18.1.0

New Features:

  • Added basic SBAS L1 support to allow tracking of the satellites. Includes enough information to enable DGPS mode on the receiver.
  • Improved Dektec support (still in BETA); adjustment to power levels.
  • Remote API version 21:
    • Added Commands:
      • SetPowerWaasOffset: Set power offset default value for WAAS satellites.
      • SetPowerEgnosOffset: Set power offset default value for EGNOS satellites.
      • SetPowerMsasOffset: Set power offset default value for MSAS satellites.
      • MessageSequenceImport: Import a sequence file.
      • RemoveSbasSatellite: Remove a SBAS satellite.
      • SetSbasEphemerisParams: Set parameters for a SBAS satellite ephemeris.
      • ImportSbasRinex: Import SBASS navigation message file.
      • SetEnabledSbasMessages: Set the enabled SBAS message 63 is always enabled.
      • SetSbasMonitoredConstellations: Set the constellations monitored by SBAS.
      • SetSbasUdrei: Set the global UDREI value transmitted by SBAS.

If you need access to the clients' site to download the binaries for this release, please contact us.