Skydel 19.10 Release Notes

Release 19.10.1

New Features:
  • Improved RF output assignation for systems with more than one DTA-2115B: selection of physical RF Output can now be fixed in the SKYDEL application prefenrences.
Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed loading config with transmitter with custom antenna pattern.
  • Fixed SuccessResult returned in GUI even if command failed in RAPI for some commands.
  • Fixed execution of simulation when one Dektec DTA-2115B RF Output had no signal selected.

Release 19.10.0

New Features:

  • Application SDX is now called SKYDEL !
    This change is only cosmetic:
    • Default Documents remains "Documents/SKYDEL-SDX"
    • All saved configurations are still valid and usable.
  • Added BeiDou B1C signal.
  • Improved Gaussian Noise feature:
    • Power level accuracy is improved
    • IQ sample saturation is avoided
    • Gaussian Noise values are constantly generated instead of using repeated buffer
  • Added new column in raw log for multipath: "Echo PSR Offset (m)"

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed crash when posting EnableLOS for a non-present PRN at runtime.
  • Fixed crash when posting SetMultipath, RemoveMultipath and EnableMultipath for a non-present PRN at runtime.
  • Fixed Multipath PSR Offset not take into account in echo raw log PSR.
  • Fixed Reduced Almanac Packet transmitted for non present PRN in GPS CNAV message type 37.


  • When using Dektec DTA-2115B, "Gaussian Noise" is now activated by default:
    This permits greater control over C/N0 ratios for sensitity testing.
  • When using Dektec DTA-2115B for Interference signal:
    Changed default output gain from +50dB to +30dB.
  • Removed N210 Output Type.
    This device is not supported anymore by Skydel.
  • All commands containing the word "Beidou" now spell "BeiDou".
    See below for the complete list.
  • In raw logs, columns
    "Doppler Offset (Hz)" and "Carrier Phase Offset (rad)"
    have been renamed
    "Echo Doppler Offset (Hz)" and "Echo Carrier Phase Offset (rad)"

Remote API version 27:

  • Added Commands :
    • ModificationToBeiDouCNav1Message:
      Sets or modifies event to change B1C message bits.
    • GetBeiDouCNav1Message: Gets information about the B1C message.
    • RemoveModificationToBeiDouCNav1Message: Removes a B1C message modification.
    • ClearAllModificationsToBeiDouCNav1Message: Clears all B1C message modifications.
    • GetBeiDouCNav1Messages: Gets all B1C modification events' IDs.
    • [Set/Get]IonoBdgimAlpha: Sets/returns the BeiDou (BDGIM) ionospheric Alpha coefficient (in TECu).
    • [Set/Get]BeidouEphemerisBoolParam:
      Sets/returns various boolean parameters in the BeiDou ephemeris.
    • [Set/Get]BeidouEphemerisBoolParams:
      Sets/returns BeiDou ephemeris boolean parameter value for all satellites.
    • [Set/Get]BeiDouCNavSatelliteHealthInfo:
      Sets/returns BeiDou CNav satellite health info.
    • [Set/Get]BeiDouSatelliteHealthStatus:
      Sets/returns BeiDou satellite health status.
    • [Set/Get]IssueOfDataBeiDou:
      Sets/returns BeiDou issue of data clock and ephemeris.
  • Renamed Commands:
    • SetBeidouSatMotionFixed is deprecated.
      Use SetBeiDouSatMotionFixed instead.
    • IsBeidouSatMotionFixed is deprecated.
      Use IsBeiDouSatMotionFixed instead.
    • IsBeidouSatMotionFixedResult is deprecated.
      Use IsBeiDouSatMotionFixedResult instead.
    • SetAgeOfDataBeidou is deprecated.
      Use SetAgeOfDataBeiDou instead.
    • GetAgeOfDataBeidou is deprecated.
      Use GetAgeOfDataBeiDou instead.
    • GetAgeOfDataBeidouResult is deprecated.
      Use GetAgeOfDataBeiDouResult instead.
    • SetBeidouEphemerisReferenceTime is deprecated.
      Use SetBeiDouEphemerisReferenceTime instead.
    • GetBeidouEphemerisReferenceTime is deprecated.
      Use GetBeiDouEphemerisReferenceTime instead.
    • GetBeidouEphemerisReferenceTimeResult is deprecated.
      Use GetBeiDouEphemerisReferenceTimeResult instead.
    • SetBeidouEphemerisDoubleParam is deprecated.
      Use SetBeiDouEphemerisDoubleParam instead.
    • GetBeidouEphemerisDoubleParam is deprecated.
      Use GetBeiDouEphemerisDoubleParam instead.
    • GetBeidouEphemerisDoubleParamResult is deprecated.
      Use GetBeiDouEphemerisDoubleParamResult instead.
    • SetBeidouEphemerisDoubleParams is deprecated.
      Use SetBeiDouEphemerisDoubleParams instead.
    • GetBeidouEphemerisDoubleParams is deprecated.
      Use GetBeiDouEphemerisDoubleParams instead.
    • GetBeidouEphemerisDoubleParamsResult is deprecated.
      Use GetBeiDouEphemerisDoubleParamsResult instead.
    • SetBeidouEphemerisBoolParam is deprecated.
      Use SetBeiDouEphemerisBoolParam instead.
    • GetBeidouEphemerisBoolParam is deprecated.
      Use GetBeiDouEphemerisBoolParam instead.
    • GetBeidouEphemerisBoolParamResult is deprecated.
      Use GetBeiDouEphemerisBoolParamResult instead.
    • SetBeidouEphemerisBoolParams is deprecated.
      Use SetBeiDouEphemerisBoolParams instead.
    • GetBeidouEphemerisBoolParams is deprecated.
      Use GetBeiDouEphemerisBoolParams instead.
    • GetBeidouEphemerisBoolParamsResult is deprecated.
      Use GetBeiDouEphemerisBoolParamsResult instead.
    • ResetBeidouPerturbations is deprecated.
      Use ResetBeiDouPerturbations instead.
    • SetBeidouPerturbations is deprecated.
      Use SetBeiDouPerturbations instead.
    • GetBeidouPerturbations is deprecated.
      Use GetBeiDouPerturbations instead.
    • GetBeidouPerturbationsResult is deprecated.
      Use GetBeiDouPerturbationsResult instead.
    • SetBeidouPerturbationsForAllSat is deprecated.
      Use SetBeiDouPerturbationsForAllSat instead.
    • GetBeidouPerturbationsForAllSat is deprecated.
      Use GetBeiDouPerturbationsForAllSat instead.
    • GetBeidouPerturbationsForAllSatResult is deprecated.
      Use GetBeiDouPerturbationsForAllSatResult instead.
    • GetBeidouD1NavigationMessages is deprecated.
      Use GetBeiDouD1NavigationMessages instead.
    • GetBeidouD1NavigationMessagesResult is deprecated.
      Use GetBeiDouD1NavigationMessagesResult instead.
    • GetBeidouD2NavigationMessages is deprecated.
      Use GetBeiDouD2NavigationMessages instead.
    • GetBeidouD2NavigationMessagesResult is deprecated.
      Use GetBeiDouD2NavigationMessagesResult instead.
    • SetBeidouUraIndex is deprecated.
      MvUse SetBeiDouUraIndex instead.

If you need access to the clients' site to download the binaries for this release, please contact us.