Skydel 19.7 Release Notes

Release 19.7.5

New Features:

  • Added baud rate 460800 for serial connections to receivers and time
  •   sources.
Bugs fixed:
  • Potential crash when adding SBAS message 25.
  • Made SBAS TOC locale independant in configuration file.

Release 19.7.4

Bugs fixed:
  • Multipath settings were not updated after using SetMultipath command at runtime.

Release 19.7.3

Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed intermittent X300 DAC sync error when starting simulation with two or more X300s.

Release 19.7.2

Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed SdxActivation file generation.

Release 19.7.1

New Features:
  • Added change rate in semi-major axis and rate of mean motion difference to satellites orbits.
Bugs fixed:
  • Improved SBAS correction messages rates.
  • Fixed multipath Pseudorange raw logging.
  • Fixed SBAS non-present PRNs.
  • Fixed health overwrite for non present PRNs during simulation.
  • Added L1C signal to the GPU benchmark.

Release 19.7.0

New Features:

  • Added GPS L1C signal for ranging and navigation message decoding validation.
  • Added support from the National Instruments / Ettus Research N310 SDR.
  • Added the capability to use IOD values from a RINEX file.
  • Added the capability to import ionospheric parameters from a RINEX file.
  • Added the capability to modify leap seconds for all time modes.
  • Added the capability to obtain the official leap seconds for a given date.
  • Added Doppler Frequency, PSR Change Rate, and Fast and Long Term Errors in raw logging.
  • Added the capability to display PSR ramps names from Preferences.
  • Added clock and track errors for GLONASS.
  • Added a preference option for Master/Slave configurations: Simulator can now stop the simulation if a Slave is stopped.
  • When a slave instance reports a warning or an error, the master will also report it.
  • Updated company name: Skydel is now part of Orolia.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed crash when stopping simulation during the initialization.
  • Fixed option "ignoreAntennaPattern" for Interferences: this option was not saved in configuration file, and the GUI was not correctly updated.
  • Fixed Galileo constellation: the PRNs 33 to 36 were not shown in the receiver skyplot.
  • Fixed SBAS message 25 wrong clock corrections.
  • Fixed BeiDou health information display.
  • Fixed settings health pages refresh.

3rd party library update:

  • WARNING: Now using UHD from Ettus Research. When using X300/X310 devices, their FPGA image must be updated. See Skydel's users web site for instructions and download package.

Remote API version 26:

  • Added Commands :
    • ImportIonoParameters: Import ionospheric parameters from a RINEX file.
    • SetIssueOfData: can now take optional boolean to tell whether to use RINEX IODE values or the value set by this command.
    • SetIssueOfDataGalileo: can now take optional boolean to tell whether to use RINEX IODNAV values or the value set by this command.
    • GetOfficialLeapSecond: Returns official leap seconds for a given date.
    • GetLastLeapSecondDate: Returns the last known leap second date.
    • [Set/Get]GpsSatelliteL1cHealthBit: Sets/Returns CNAV-2 L1C health bit.
    • EnableCnav2Pages: Enables CNAV-2 L1C navigation message pages.
    • GetEnableCnav2Pages: Returns "enabled CNAV-2 L1C navigation message" pages.
    • ModificationToGpsCNav2Message: Set or modify event to change CNAV-2 message bits.
    • GetGpsCNav2Message: Get information about the CNAV-2 message.
    • RemoveModificationToGpsCNav2Message: Removes a CNAV-2 message modification.
    • ClearAllModificationsToGpsCNav2Message: Clears all CNAV-2 message modifications.
    • GetGpsCNav2Messages: Gets all CNAV-2 modification events' IDs.
  • Modified commands:
    • [Set/Get]IntTxAWGN: can now take an optional seed number.
    • GetVehicleAntennaModel: now returns also gain and phase pattern offset.

If you need access to the clients' site to download the binaries for this release, please contact us.