Skydel 20.1 Release Notes

Release 20.1.0

New Features:
  • Advanced Jammers can now have track trajectories.
  • Interference group's central frequency can now be set automatically with the selection of GNSS signals.
  • User can now choose the "week rollover" when importing SEM or YUMA file.
  • Added a command line argument to explicitly set the UDP port used by HIL connection.
  • Increased PSR precision to 15 digits in Raw Data Logging.
  • Added Multipath "External Channels"
    Note: Automatic mode supported only (no GUI configuration)
  • Updated interference maximum central frequency to 6GHz.
  • Updated interference minimum central frequency to 0.1GHz.
  • Added support of NMEA 4.10/4.11 parsing from U-Blox 9,
    now providing the correct information in the receiver page and power bars.
  • In order to use HIL trajectories,
    new Skydel users must have the HIL license.
  • In order to simulate trajectories with "Extended Limits",
    new Skydel users must have the EXLI license.
Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed Doppler applied to CW and IQ-File Advanced Jammers
Remote API version 28:
  • Updated Documentation.txt: replaced "SDX" by "Skydel".
  • Added Commands :
    • BeginIntTxTrackDefinition: Begins a new interference track definition.
    • PushIntTxTrackEcef: Push an interference track ecef node.
    • PushIntTxTrackEcefNed: Push an interference track ecef and ned attitude node.
    • EndIntTxTrackDefinition: Completes the track started with BeginIntTxTrackDefinition command.
    • ImportNmeaIntTxTrack: Import NMEA interference track file.
    • EnableIntTxTrajectorySmoothing: Enables track smoothing for a transmitter.
    • IsIntTxTrajectorySmoothingEnabled: Returns true if smoothing is enabled for the transmitter.
    • ForceIntTxAttitudeToZero: Forces track nodes attitude to zero for a transmitter.
    • IsIntTxAttitudeToZeroForced: Returns true if transmitter track nodes attidude is forced to zero.
    • [Set/Get]IntTxVehicleType: Sets/Returns transmitter track vehicle type.
  • Modified Commands:
    • ChangeModulationTargetInterference: can now take an optional signal list.
    • ImportConstellationParameters: can now take an optional argument "rollover".
      It is only used for SEM and YUMA File. Ignored else. Default value is current week rollover.
  • Removed Commands:
    • SetElevationMask: obsolete command removed. Replaced by SetElevationMaskBelow.

If you need access to the clients' site to download the binaries for this release, please contact us.