Skydel 20.6 Release Notes

Release 20.6.2

Bug Fixed:

  • Fixed activation of tab menu in function of activated licenses.

Release 20.6.1

Bug Fixed:

  • Fixed crash when configuration does not have a GPS signal.

Release 20.6.0

New Features:

  • Added BeiDou B2a signal.
  • Added Galileo E6-HAS signal.
  • BeiDou simulation can now contain up to 35 satellites.


  • Improved trajectory interpolation for Airborne/Spaceborne vehicle types.

Bug Fixed:

  • Fixed GPS and QZSS L1 C/A message modifications issue with a non zero start time and no stop time.

Remote API version 30:

  • Added Commands:
    • SetModificationToBeiDouCNav2Message: Set (or Modify) event to change CNAV2 message bits.
    • GetBeiDouCNav2Message: Get infos about the modifications of CNAV2 Message with this ID.
    • RemoveModificationToBeiDouCNav2Message: Removes a BeiDou CNAV2 modification.
    • ClearAllModificationsToBeiDouCNav2Message Clear all events to change BeiDou CNAV2 navigation message bits
    • GetBeiDouCNav2Messages: Get all events' IDs whose will modify the BeiDou CNAV2 Message for this PRN
  • Modified Commands:
    • GetVehicleAntennaModel: returns now value for the E6 patterns (gain and phase).
    • [Set/Get]BeiDouEphemerisBoolParam: can now set/get the "IscB2adAvailable" parameter.