Skydel 20.8 Release Notes

Release 20.8.3

Bug Fixed:

  • Fixed GPU memory leak after simulation start/stop

Release 20.8.2


  • Added support of Academic Licenses.
Bug Fixed:
  • Fixed loading older configs containing events applying to all PRNs.

Release 20.8.1

New Features:

  • Added QZSS L1S signal.
  • Added QZSS L5S signal.

Bug Fixed:

  • Fixed Navigation Message modifcations for GPS/QZSS CNAV and CNAV2.
  • Fixed BeiDou CNAV1 and CNAV2 message modifications PRN selection.
  • Fixed QZSS signals power levels.

Remote API version 31:

  • Added Commands:
    • [Set/Get]ModificationToQzssL1SNavigationMessage:
      • RemoveMessageModification: Removes a signal's message modification (Only QZSSL1S for now).
      • ClearAllMessageModifications: Clear all events to change navigation message bits for a given signal (Only QZSSL1S for now).
      • GetMessageModifications: Get all event's IDs whose will modify the signal's message for this SV ID (Only QZSSL1S for now).

Release 20.8.0


  • All QZSS's commands work with SV ID now.
New Features:
  • Added QZSS L5 signal.
  • Added QZSS L1C signal.
  • Added ability to change PRN assignation of QZSS signals.
Bug Fixed:
  • Fixed calculation of initial mean anomaly when ADot is different than 0.
  • Changed default E6 antenna gain pattern.
  • Fixed echoes in GPU benchmark.
  • Changed default signal power offsets for multiple signals to match ICDs.
  • Fixed saving of signal power offsets for multiple signals.
  • Fixed some SBAS long term corrections sent even when set not to.
  • Fixed import of default GLONASS ephemerides RINEX file.
  • Restrict accepted values for some orbit parameters in GPS and QZSS constellations to match signals accepted ranges.
Remote API version 31:
  • Added Commands:
    • [Set/Get]PrnOfSVID: Set/Get the PRN transmitted by the SV ID for a signal.
    • [Set/Get]QzssEphemerisBoolParam: Set various boolean parameters in the QZSS ephemeris (IscL1CaAvailable, IscL2CAvailable, IscL5I5Available, IscL5Q5Available, IscL1CPAvailable, IscL1CDAvailable
    • [Set/Get]QzssEphemerisBoolParams: Set QZSS ephemeris boolean parameter value for all satellit
  • Modified Commands:
    • QZSS now uses SV ID (1-10) instead of PRN (193-202):
    • SetQzssSatMotionFixed
    • IsQzssSatMotionFixed
    • [Set/Get]QzssSatelliteL1DataHealth
    • [Set/Get]QzssSatelliteL1Health
    • [Set/Get]QzssSatelliteL2Health
    • [Set/Get]QzssSatelliteL5Health
    • [Set/Get]QzssSatelliteL1cHealth
    • [Set/Get]QzssSatelliteNavAlertFlag
    • [Set/Get]QzssEphemerisReferenceTime
    • [Set/Get]QzssEphemerisDoubleParam
    • [ResetQzssPerturbations
    • [Set/Get]QzssPerturbations
    • [Set/Get]QzssPerturbationsForAllSat
    • [Set/Get]SetModificationToQzssLNAVNavigationMessage
    • GetQzssLNAVNavigationMessages
    • SetQzssUraIndex