Skydel 20.9 Release Notes

Release 20.9.5

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed GPS memory leak after simulatoin start/stop (fix from 20.8.3)
  • Fixed crash occuring when changing a Custom Signal power level.

Release 20.9.4

Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed maps not loading properly under Windows.
  • Reduced chances of underrun when approaching the end of a trajectory.
  • Fixed loading a Skydel configuration on all supported platforms. An error occured when the confiugration contained a Plug-in.
  • Fixed intermittent Windows license error.

Release 20.9.3


  • Changed default L0 offset for N310 SDR to 0MHz
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed GLONASS downlink parser.
  • Fixed GLONASS almanac date involved in ephemeris extrapolation.
  • ​Fixed crash when adding an IQ file jammer with an invalid metadata file.
  • Fixed attitude discontinuity when importing tracks.
  • Fixed GPS RINEX imports accepted values for IOD.
  • Fixed crash when nmea logging was enabled with a specific number of visible satellites.

Release 20.9.2

New Features:
  • Added QZSS SV type which changes QZSS L1C modulation.
  • Added QZSS L1S augmentations tab to set L1S navigation message fields.
  • Added Plug-in filter for configuration broadcast.
  • Spoofers can now have output at a central frequency different from the truth.
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed crash when closing WF signal selection dialog.
  • Fixed Plug-in position observer role now receives correct orientation.
  • Fixed import EOP in GUI don't point to the Skydel-SDX folder.
  • Fixed Plug-in availability when Skydel Data Folder differs from default.
  • Fixed LNA fluctuation on interference output with N310.
Remote API version 31:
  • Added Commands:
    • [Set/Get]SVType: Set or get SV Type (Only works with QZSS for now).
    • [Set/Get]QzssL1SAugmentation: Set or get a QZSS L1S augmentation.
    • RemoveQzssL1SAugmentation: Remove a QZSS L1S augmentation.
    • ClearQzssL1SAugmentations: Clear all QZSS L1S augmentations.
    • GetQzssL1SAugmentations: Get a list of all QZSS L1S augmentations.


Release 20.9.1

New Features:

  • Added NavIC message modifications (Nav).

Bug Fixed:

  • Fixed initial phase of QZSS L1C signal relative to QZSS L1C/A.

Remote API version 31:

  • Added Commands:
    • [Set/Get]NavICSatelliteNavAlertFlag: Set or get NavIC Nav alert flag.
    • [Set/Get]ModificationToNavICL5Message: Set (or Modify) event to change NavIC L5 message bits.

Release 20.9.0

New Features:

  • Added NavIC constellation simulation. NavIC L5 signal can be now be simulated with other GNSS signals.
  • Added SBAS L5 signal simulation. Note: the navigation message is the same as SBAS L1.
  • Added Plug-in module to Skydel: Users can now develop their own custom Plug-ins and integrate them to the Skydel GUI and simulation.
  • Added RMC NMEA sentence to raw logging.
  • Added GSV NMEA sentence to raw logging (only for GPS constellation).
Remote API version 31:
  • Added Commands:
    • [Set/Get]IssueOfDataNavIC: Set or get NavIC Issue of data, Ephemeris and Clock (IODEC)
    • [Set/Get]NavICSatelliteL5Health Set or Get NavIC L5 health (Health of L5 signal)
    • [Set/Get]NavICEphemerisDoubleParam: Set or Get various parameters in the NavIC ephemeris (ClockBias, ClockDrift, ClockDriftRate, Crs)
    • [Set/Get]NavICEphemerisDoubleParams: same as [Set/Get]NavICEphemerisDoubleParam but for all satellites.
    • SetNavICUraIndex: Set the URA index of a NavIC satellite.
    • [Set/Get]SatMotionFixed: Allow to fix a satellite. It will not move during the simulation and keep its initial position calculated at the beginning of the simulation.
    • [Add/Get]PlugInInstance: Add or get a plugin instance of the specified type
    • RemovePlugInInstance: Remove the plugin instance with this name.
  • Deprecated Commands:
    • [Set/Get] QzssSatMotionFixed: replaced by [Set/Get]SatMotionFixed
    • [Set/Get] QzssEphemerisReferenceTime: replaced by [Set/Get]EphemerisReferenceTime
    • ResetQzssPerturbations: replaced by ResetPerturbations
    • [Set/Get]QzssPerturbations: replaced by [Set/Get]Perturbations
    • [Set/Get]QzssPerturbationsForAllSat: replaced by [Set/Get]PerturbationsForAllSat